General Info
United States
Payroll System Analyst
Music. Concerts. Adventure. Spontaneity. Great Conversation. Sharing moments. The mountains. The desert.
Riding, Hiking, Travel, Walking in Nature, Festivals, Comedy Clubs, Movies. BurningMan. Camping.
Favorite Sites
Yellowstone National Park, the Maine Coastline, the Southwestern United States.
Favorite Music
Classic Rock, 70s, Older Pop, Country. Throw in some techno/electronica in the right settings.
Favorite Films
Dead Poet Society. Prince of Tides. Uncle Buck. Runaway Bride. Mr Hollands Opus. Avatar. The Lord of the Rings Series. The Matrix Series.
Favorite Books
The Ending Series, The Road Less Traveled, The Hobbit Series, Fantasy.
I enjoy interesting and/or imaginative conversation. I like to ‘keep it real’. Finding intelligent people with depth is rare.

I enjoy rally’s, events and all sorts of riding-local, long distance, poker runs, benefits, etc, as well as talking motorcycles and any other subjects of interesting or intriguing content - life, philosophy, what you're passionate about, what keeps you up at night.

I am a complex, (not difficult), intelligent, authentic woman. I place high value on friendship and connection. I am not completely 'against' romance - but I prefer to allow a connection to expand organically without expectation or ‘pushing’.

I was once asked if I like tall or short men to which I responded, “I like awesome men.” I am a free spirit, but I don't just ‘hook up'. Meaningless sex without friendship or connection isn’t my style.

I don't discriminate in friendships based upon a person’s gender, marital status (I do respect boundaries) or even sexual orientation - (I am straight). But, I'm not interested in '1% clubs', 81, etc.

Life should be fun. I view it like this: Imagine I am frolicking in the ocean, playing in the waves and each time one crashes over me, I get a rush of exhilaration and laugh like a delighted child. (I'm passionate - about life and love).

I am playful, laugh a lot and enjoy being silly, yet I'm also responsible and grounded. Internally, sometimes I "channel" a 10 year old - eyes sparkling mischievously - or a 6'6" football linebacker. This is all the more funny since I stand a mere 5 foot tall.