Your opinion matters. "Email and Site Notifications". Would you rather see more or less notifications?

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  • Survey question isn't specific enough.  Do you mean notifications on the site or notifications sent to my email?  On site, they are fine.  By email, I 'hate em'.  I actually tried to shut them off - must have done something wrong but I couldn't so sadly - I set up a filter in my email so they all go to 'trash' - otherwise my inbox was clogged with them.  For me personally, I don't need emails telling me that I have notifications.  I can see that when I sign into the site.  Having the choice is nice since what works for me doesn't necessarily work for others...but not being able to shut them off was a bummer!

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    • Thank you Samaya , I agree that this survey question isn't specific enough. I'll see what I can do to correct that. 

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