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I’m just a regular guy online who likes to ride.  I have a 2018 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited that I bought brand new.  I love riding with other friends.  We ride anywhere on average 125 to 175 miles a day when we ride.  We like to ride to good food destinations all around Florida.  

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Good Morning to all my friends, Have a very happy Hump Day.  Stay warm, safe, dry, and happy!  


Another great day, another great ride.  There were only 3 of us today but we still had a great day on the bikes.  We left Ocala heading Southwest to Crystal River around 10:00, rose the backroads to US Hwy 19.  We then went on the Ozello Trail which is sort of a baby mini tail of the dragon.  Lots of turns, curves, some are hairpin where you have to drop it down to second gear.  After that it was off to Margaritas Restaurant for some seafood.  We are right by the dock.  I had the Fried Grouper Sandwich which was delicious.  After lunch it was south on US 19 to Homosassa where we turned into the Adult Toys R Us, (Harley-Davidson Dealership where I bought a Santa Claus Snow Globe.  After chilling awhile at H-D, we took more backroads home.  What a great day, weather was a perfect 80 degrees.  Not bad for December 10th.  

Good Morning all, Happy Tuesday.  Be safe and stay warm.  If you ride, be careful and enjoy your day!  

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Good Morning Friends, Happy Monday to all.  It’s a beautiful day here in Florida.  I’m out and about getting some things done.  Have a Wonderful Day, stay warm and safe! 


I let my hair grow all year since January.  Before that, I shaved my head daily for three years,  My hair was almost touching my shoulders.  I decided to clean up for Christmas and cut it almost all off.  It feels good and is very easy to care for.  Here’s a before and after.  What looks better?  Long or short hair?  


Good Morning Friends, Have a very happy Saturday.  18 more days till Christmas, you better start being good!  

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2018 Ultra Limited
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Playing and listening to Music, Motorcycles, and being with friends. I love being by the Ocean.
Riding Motorcycles, Sports, Music, Beach, Being Outdoors, and Good Food.
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H-D.Com, Rever,
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Rolling Stones, Police, Steely Dan, Foreigner, Duran Duran, Boz Scaggs, too many to mention.
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All War Movies, Apocalypse Now, Bullitt, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, and The Shining.
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Autobiographies, Travel, Car and Motorcycling Magazines.
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On another Website, from a Friend.
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