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63 year old teenager who loves riding motorcycles and meeting new people

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Good morning everyone and it looks like the site is back up and running again. Not sure if anyone else was having issues seeing other peoples post but I was...... but I can see the one posted in the past few day. Y'all have a great day and the coffee is ready so grab a mug and enjoy.

  • Good morning H-Ryder, that is how I knew I wasn't getting any new posts as well.  But it looks like we are back on track now. Lol 

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    • It seems to happen when I try to pin a post to timeline.

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      Good morning to Y'all, hope you had a great weekend and are now all recharged to face the week.

      Question for everyone...what has happened to "bike rally's" over the past 10 years or so? It used to be you rode a motorcycle to the rally, sleep out under the stars or in a tent, sat around camp fires drinking and having a good time, do biker games such as keg roll, slow ride and weeny bite and stuff like that. Some Ladies showed off their "goodies" and everyone had fun. I just spent the weekend at a rally and thought I was at a RV and 4 wheeler convention, not as many bikes as 4 wheelers and golf carts. Oh well did see a BUNCH of Trump 2020 flags, banners and signs

      • Like anything in life, nothing stays the same.  You didn't mention what Rally you attended, but I just recently returned home from the Sturgis Rally.  I put over 5500 miles on my bike and 1500(ish) of that I rode completely alone.

        We stayed at an amazing cabin down in Custer - spent our days riding and our nights around the camp-fire.  It was freaking amazing!

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        • It was the Rally at the Crater in Henderson Texas, I went to Sturgis years ago about a month before the rally there and that is some beautiful country to ride in. Good on you for being willing and able to ride by yourself. More Ladies are getting into riding and solo riding it seems. I have a friend from Napa Cali and she rode her Sporty from Napa to New Orleans and back about 10 years ago for a gathering there. Be safe and enjoy riding

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        Good morning Y'all and welcome to another week. Hopefully this one will speed by quickly so the weekend arrives. I plan on going to the "Rally at the Crater" in Henderson Texas this weekend but the stupid ass storms may force a change of plans. Y'all play nice with each other or you will have to play with yourself. ;-)

        • Good morning Hardryder56 .

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          • Good afternoon H-ryder

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            Good morning to Y'all and Happy Hump Day, you know the rest of the week is W.T.F. but then it is the weekend. Be safe and have a wonderful day

            • Top o' the mornin' H-ryder

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              • Good morning Ryder, I hope you are having a great week so far. 

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                Good morning everyone, hope you can have the best Monday possible. Come on Tuesday LOL


                Good morning and Happy Freaking Weekend to Y'all. Go out and play nicely with others or just play with yourself.

                • Mornin' H-ryder

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                  Good morning everyone. Waking up in the morning is such a blessing compared to the alternative. Coffee is made, in the mug and being sipped as we speak.

                  • Good morning Ryder, I agree with that.  I found out that I have a blood clot from my groin passed my knee.  I am on thinners for a bit now.  Hope you have a blessed day.

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                    • That could have been very bad, glad to hear you are OK.


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                      • Yes, from what I was told it could have been.  Thank you.  I hope you have a great day.

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                      • Good morning

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                        Good morning Y'all been a while since I have been on do to some issues between my old ass computer and the site. Hopefully they have been worked out. Getting out for another ride today. You all be safe and take care.


                        • Glad to see ya Hardryder56 . Enjoy your ride.

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                          • Nothing better then 8 hours of riding around beautiful East Texas....... the cold shower and A/C back home felt real good after. laughing

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                            Riding and working on motorcycles, traveling and meeting new and old friends.
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                            CM2 of course.
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