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63 year old teenager who loves riding motorcycles and meeting new people

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Rojo at my farm

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Good morning Y'all, woke up to the sound of rain on the roof and the coffee maker singing its sweet song. Coffee is done and ready to warm me up but the rain continues. Rather wet winter here I would say.


Good morning everyone. Coffee is made and in the mug and the world is now safe from me "in the morning" LOL Y'all have a Happy Hump Day. Weather turned to crap again last night cooler and misty here now with chances of thunderstorms later today. Be nice to everyone when you play or else you will be sent to your room and you will have to play with yourself. 😉


Good morning Friends, coffee maker has finished singing its song so I know my fix of liquid happiness will soon be here. Hope you all have a great day.

Good morning All, dang why does Monday have to follow the weekend? Coffee is made and in the new mug which mean I have to make less trips to the coffee pot to drink the whole thing. Woo Hoo  You all have a great day, weekend was beautiful here and today is now misty and nasty looking.

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day to y'all. How cool is it that it is also a Friday? You all have a great day today and a better weekend.

Good morning All, woke up to 40* and CLEAR skies for once in the past week or so. Coffee made and in my mug, trash out for collection and I think I am ready to face the day. You all have a great day today. 😊


Good morning everyone, fasting blood work today so no coffee and I feel it already. ugh. Hope you all have a great day. Talk with you later.💀


Good morning everyone, coffee is made and I am on my 3rd mug, one of those days when I could not sleep so I awoke to a nasty dark and drizzly day. Ugg I know we need the rain but come on weeks of rainy days are a bit much. You all have a great day. Chilling here.


Well I went to my ortho doctor today tohave him take a look at my left wrist which has been giving me fits for the past few years and about 11 months ago I had cortisone injections in it. BTW he did not lie when he told me it would hurt...about an 8.5 on a 0-10 scale. Well today he said we could go that route or he could cut me and remove the offending piece of bone, tie off the tendons and after about 6 weeks I should be good as new so toward the end of the month I get cut on. I will ask that he gives me a pretty cool looking scar because we know "Chicks dig scars" 😎 Details to follow and maybe even pictures.


Good morning everyone, found a new coffee mug so I will try to post a picture sometime soon. It holds about 25% more then my old one so I guess 'size does matter'  you all play nice or just play with yourselves. 😉 Time to get my sorry ass in gear and get today underway

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Man, Woman
United States
Retired Firefighter EMT
Riding and working on motorcycles, traveling, camping, wood working and trying to teach myself how to weld. Did I say I like riding motorcycles? Shooting and I used to own a small sail bot that I took around the country sailing on rivers and lakes
Riding and working on motorcycles, traveling and meeting new and old friends.
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CM2 of course.
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Old rock n roll, old country, 1950/60 Doo wop, Mo Town and some classical. Don't like rap, hip hop techo or any of the other noise being made now a days
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Lots and lots of books
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SheWolf dragged me over from bon
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