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Waffle done

63 year old teenager who loves riding motorcycles and meeting new people

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Rojo at my farm

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Good morning All, another fine day in the world as I woke up.. ...think about that for a second. I will be on a road trip today from here to Austin TX to help move some furniture for a frind. Why do I let myself get roped into the stuff I don't know, maybe I am just a nice guy. Oh well you all have a great day and play nice .... with others or yourself ūüėŹ

Good morning everyone, beautiful day here in Southeast Texas, blue skies, gently breeze and no rain. 44* which is kinda chilly for us so no laughing from you folks up north. Happy Hump Day to you


Good morning everyone time to rise and shine or at least get your sorry ass outta bed. I am  "Wake and Caffinate " guy but all you "wake and bakes" have one for me ;-) Cold (for here) day in Southeast Texas but I may jump on the bike for a bit,. Ever think that cows are God's gift to bikers? Milk to drink, meat to eat and leather to wrap ourselves with. And that my friends are Tom's deep thoughts for the day. More coffee needed here

Good night all, see you tomorrow if we all wake up.


Good morning All, Mondays are the start of a new week for most and I hope you all have the best week possible. Coffee in the cup and my day is under way.

Good morning everyone beautiful day here in southeast Texas, clear skies after all the over cast ones the past few days, temps dropped from the  upper 70s yesterday to 40s now. Going to be a great day for a ride. Who's up for a ride?


Good morning to all of my friends and everyone else who reads that crap I post.Weird weather here in Texas, 71* and light rain falling now, humidity off the charts but it is not warm enough for the A/C go figure, no riding and the air feels like you could cut it with a knife. Ugggh! Y'all have a wonderful day, I have coffee to drink


Good morning my Friends, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Good morning everyone, 4:15AM is WAY to early to be waking up but this old body of mine said time to wake up so here I am. Coffee is made and in the mug, family arriving later today so I guess I should relax and enjoy the day as it wakes up around me. You all have a great day.

Good morning everyone coffee in hand it is time to Wake and Caffinate, you have a great day.

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Retired Firefighter EMT
Riding and working on motorcycles, traveling, camping, wood working and trying to teach myself how to weld. Did I say I like riding motorcycles? Shooting and I used to own a small sail bot that I took around the country sailing on rivers and lakes
Riding and working on motorcycles, traveling and meeting new and old friends.
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CM2 of course.
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Old rock n roll, old country, 1950/60 Doo wop, Mo Town and some classical. Don't like rap, hip hop techo or any of the other noise being made now a days
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Lots and lots of books
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SheWolf dragged me over from bon
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