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HI there!!! Please don't let my profile picture put you off. I am Wiccan and therefore I worship mother nature. We protect the earth, yes I am a witch but the good kind. I spread love and happiness everywhere i go.NO I do not dance naked in the woods around a fire. well hmm  maybe...lol

 I am a mixture of elegant woman and tomboy. I am very down to earth,love adventure,funny,affectionate,intelligent, strong,loving,sensual and somewhat silly at times real woman.(Did i mention I can be sarcastic?) I love to travel, . In 04 Spent a whole summer out west(Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, , just traveling around, hanging out seeing everything I wanted to see,Yellowstone, etc an original road trip, 6 weeks of that spent as a horseback guide in the Wind River mountains)

I can be witty, and sarcastic at times:) I love to ride prefer back country roads to the Highways, (Horse and motorcycle), go to the lake, spend time with friends, love campfires, camping, gazing at the stars.MY favorite season is fall.

I live in a Class A 38 foot diesel pusher RV.. this is my home. I work in campgrounds right now I am working at a Gate house checking in campers. Seems like I will be going from KY to TX.

I know how to make me happy. I love who I am, PS if you are a great kisser, all the better. Respect is a must with me. to give it is to get it!

Life is a mystery, Living on the edge is an adventure, having fun is a must. Test the unknown you might be surprised.Life becons to be lived, not left in the dark. Come explore the unknown with me,Live a little, let life lift you up and make you smile.

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Man, Woman
Grand Rivers
United States
Riding, campfires, camping out.. I do live in an RV. I love the outdoors and spend as much time there as possible. Photography,
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