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After riding for almost 20yrs and 225k, I was a victim of a hit n run March 11 2007. I was given less then a 5% chance of living. I beat the odds!! I lost my left leg initially below the knee. Because I was injured so severely I had 4 more surgeries on my left leg resulting in my loss of my leg above the knee. I suffered other permanant injuries because of it as well.

I had a trike kit installed on my new 08 Road Glide and Im out there riding on 3 wheels now. 15 months after surviving the hit n run, I made my first road trip. I rode cross country 8300 miles from South Carolina to California and back to South Carolina... That was some of the best medicine my spirit and soul needed. Since 2008 I have logged another 70k miles on my trike and it keeps going up :)

I wake each day after what has happen to me appreciating that I still get to do many things I love to do. Yeah its frustrating not to be able to do those things I can no longer do now, but I do not let it get me down. Life is too short. Each day is never promised, nor guaranteed that you will see it to the end.

There was a passage in the Shaw Shank Redemption movie that went through my mind while I spent 4 months in the hospitals and I try to live by each day..... You can get busy living, Or you can get busy dying.... For me, I choose to get busy living as much as I am able to do.
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2008 Road Glide Trike

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