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I would like to find someone who appreciates the things I do for them, but doesn't expect it. I'm honest, and while I know a lot of people claim that, I truly I don't play games with people and expect the same. I'm not interested in liars, cheats, or people who think they're better than someone else. I don't rush into a relationship, and prefer to take my time. I believe that a good relationship is a true partnership with no leader and no follower. I don't beat and I don't cheat and hate men who do. They make it hard for guys like me, that have integrity, to find someone who isn't emotionally scarred.
The woman I'm looking for is honest, loyal, and believes in her man. I prefer a strong woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. I need someone Who has the ability to look past the fact that I'm overweight and don't have a lot of hair left. I was born with a bad thyroid, which causes both. I'm NOT lazy and I don't stuff Twinkies in my face all day!

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Well, I see some piece of shit has hacked in and fucked up profiles. GET A LIFE LOSER!!!!!!

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