Family and friends are very important; spending as much time as possible with them talking, laughing, sharing good and not so good times. My son and his family are living out of state, so I visit quarterly. One brother is here, and my sister and other brother are east. I am half German/Italian, which gives me a well engineered style.

Sailing, auto restoration, motorcycles, flying, design and building, restoration are my passions; also love anything on, under or near the water...SCUBA, etc. It is easier to list the activities I do not enjoy because it is a very, very short list, and the list of activities I enjoy is practically endless.

A practicing catholic; I need all the practice i can get because I am far from perfect. I am an Architect and business executive; my work is like play for me. I love to learn and explore, always seeking to know the how and why of everything.

Laughing at just about everything, including myself, keeps life fun and sane. Generally the more sarcastic and irreverent the humor, the harder I laugh...I also love subtle humor.

A long term, relationship/partnership is what I desire. Not really a fan of dating; however I know it is necessary for us to get to know each other. I love romance and everything about being with a woman; holding hands, kissing, teasing, that 'look", dancing on the bed naked as Frank Sinatra is crooning for us...was that too much information?

Own a design/build company. I grew up in Lancaster, PA; graduated from Oklahoma University, lived in OKC and Tulsa after college, then Richmond and Arlington VA, Wilmington, NC then Kaneohe, HI and now Camarillo.

Ok, Ok...You love your family and friends as I do; you love to entertain as I do; you love romance, PDA's little get aways, big get aways, evenings relaxing together as I do; sharing all that life offers, good and bad, with someone you love as I, what are we waiting for...let's begin spending time with our families and friends, entertaining our families and friends, romancing each other, making life our adventure, sharing life!!!
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