Roscoe’s Chili Challenge

The 2021 Roscoe’s Chili Challenge (RCC) will be the 36th annual event. Also, the RCC adult biker rally is on the’s Major Motorcycle Rallies List.

Besides the chili cook off there will be live music all weekend. Additionally there will be a bike show as well as field events.

Next, there will be adult games, a wet-t shirt contest, and body painting. Additional events during the Roscoes chili cook-off weekend include the outhouse drag races. Plus there will be mini-bike races, a cornhole contest, arm wrestling competition, and vendors.

Next, tickets for the entire weekend are $50 per person and Saturday-only tickets are $40 per person. The Chili Challenge website has tickets for sale.

2021 Roscoe’s Chili Cook-Off Rules:

– You must cook your chili onsite.
– Cooking can start at 8am on Saturday.
– Then judging will start at noon.
– Right after the judging the sampling begins.

Below are the Roscoe’s Rally Rules:

– There are some neighbors next to the Roscoe Challenge Campground that have spaces for rent for automobiles, RVs, campers, and trailers. Importantly, there are only so many spaces and the prices will vary depending on what you negotiate with a neighbor.
– Motorcycle parking and tent camping is included with the entry fee.
– You will need to ride into camp for the safety of other attendees. Other vehicles cannot enter.
– Pictures are okay to take, but no videos.
– Also you must be 21 years old & have an ID to attend. Roscoe’s Chili Challenge is an adults-only rally.
– Campsite fires are allowed unless there is a burn ban.

In addition there are port-o-johns and showers.

** Finally, you can find more motorcycle events on the calendar.

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    • That's a frigging bowl of chili

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      Event Name:
      Roscoe’s Chili Challenge
      5320 Shady Oak Drive North, Lakeland, FL, United States
      Date start:
      4 Nov 2021 00:00
      Date end:
      6 Nov 2021 00:00