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Which Type Of Cannabis Is Right For You

Which Type Of Cannabis Is Right For You

When it comes to choosing the appropriate cannabis strain for the moment, one thing can be said: Follow your heart.

With the myriad of cannabis names, flavours, varieties and choices that abound, one can certainly find himself in a moment of indecision or confusion when choosing the ‘right’ type of cannabis strain.

O.G Kush, Amnesia Haze, New York Diesel, G 13, Liberty Kush… and the list goes on and on. The list of strain names continues to grow as the plant’s popularity continues to spread. But names only tell half the story. If you happen to find yourself  in a moment of opportunity to choose from various cannabis strains, or if you’re a person whose marijuana availability is abundant, it will help to keep in mind some basics when choosing the right strain for the given moment.

Cannabis is like fine wine. One must know the basics of the product to be consumed in order to heighten the senses and fine tune the palate. Learning a few things before hand can help us make a more conscious decision when choosing the cannabis that is right for us.

The Essence of the Plant

Consider the fact that although hundreds of names may exist, the plant basically comes down to three categories:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid (A cross between Indica and Sativa)

The differences in the strains vary in many ways, yet hold similar attributes as well. The body-high will be present regardless of the variety. The sedative qualities of cannabis (CBD and THC) affect the body in its respective ways. If it is indica, you will be more relaxed in the body and may experience that wonderful effect of melting like butter on a hot piece of toast.  On the other hand, Sativa can energise your muscles and give your mind a boost of creativity. While a Hybrid can give you quite a buzz that may require you to sit for a little longer than expected. Across the board, a sudden urge of hunger may be present. A feeling of relaxation and healing may accompany this as well.

Many factors can be taken into consideration when dancing with the majestic Sheeba, but simplicity can guide us best. Think first of how you feel at the moment and go on remembering that marijuana will certainly heighten the magnitude of certain emotions. At the same time that it can transform certain attitudes of mind for the good it can also bring out a ‘less-inhibited’ side of ourselves which may require more self-control and self-consciousness. Certain strains carry a big punch. Thus, an effect of ‘thinking too much’ may occur. But let’s leave the hard thinking to the philosophers and share this small reference list:


POPULAR STRAINS: Northern Lights, G13, L.A Confidential
EFFECT: Relaxed, happy, thoughtful, ‘toasted’


POPULAR STRAINS: Sour Diesel, Amnesia, Lemon Haze
EFFECT: Energetic, focused, creative, sociable


POPULAR STRAINS: Blue Dream, OG Kush, AK-47
EFFECT: Hungry, euphoric, uplifted

In this age of wide-spread information, we can thank the dedicated people who have taken the time to research the cannabis plant and its effects for us. Various websites and books exist dedicated solely to this purpose. Happy are we to live in a world where variety, knowledge and satisfaction are at our fingertips.

Do you have a favorite strain of weed? Or maybe you have a different favorite for each mood? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.