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Budweiser, Or Wiser Bud? Choosing Cannabis Over Alcohol Is Trending

Budweiser, Or Wiser Bud? Choosing Cannabis Over Alcohol Is Trending

You may not realize it, but a change is happening. It’s a groundswell occurring all over the U.S. And it’s great news: More Americans, especially teens, are choosing to consume safer, non-toxic cannabis over alcohol. The reasons are as varied as the folks making the decision, but it’s happening.

Binge thinking

It’s happening all over college campuses. Teens are way smarter than I was at that age and more aware of the dangers of binge drinking. The risk of alcohol poisoning is high when binge drinking and death is a very real possibility. Cann-versely, no one has ever died from “cannabis overdose”.

Hangovers are a very real and painful effect of consuming too much alcohol, or even just the wrong kinds—like spirits and foofy drinks with lots of sugar. Cannabis generally produces no hangover.

I visited my little sister in Gainesville and her friends were a mix of UF grad students, undergrad, and some community college kids. We had beer, whiskey, and bud. Most of the whisky and a few of the beers were consumed.

But, overall, most of the college kids turned down booze for bud, and guess what? They were all up and at it, some working out, some at the library, and others going hiking, at eight in the morning.

Stiletto stoners

There is also a phenomenon around the country called “stiletto stoners”. You might also have heard them referred to as “marijuana moms”. It’s currently a rising trend for ladies to trade cocktails for tokes, to forgo the fruit of the vine for the vape.

As it is for college kids, the next day is a big factor. Women are busy; nobody has time for that hangover. But also, as we get older, we realize that getting blacked-out drunk is just not safe for our bodies.

Decision-making on alcohol is a dicey thing. We become more likely to embarrass ourselves, go home with the wrong person, or worse, get behind the wheel. Cannabis, on the other hand, does not lead to really bad stories, for the most part. According to the British Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs,

Cannabis differs from alcohol…in a major respect: It does not seem to increase risk-taking behavior.

Think global, act lo-cal

For active women and men, there is another very important factor: Calories. If you drink a few alcoholic drinks, the sugars add up. And those calories are known as “empty calories”. They will give you energy for the short term. There is a reason we call vodka “go-go juice”.

But that energy won’t last; soon you’ll be crashing and hungry for real fuel. Your body will crave foods high in carbs. Taco Bell, Denny’s, late night pizza… They add quickly to the daily total.

Cannabis is essentially calorie-free, especially when inhaled. Sure, you might get the munchies, but nonetheless, cannabis has incredible effects on weight loss and metabolism that a lot of folks find surprising.

Many are also combatting the munchies by making the cannabis a part of their dinner via cannabutter and tinctures. You can elevate your health and your mood at the same time. What’s not to love about that? Especially when there’s a kitchen appliance now (MagicalButter’s Botanical Extractor) that makes it so easy – you just drop in your herb and butter, press two buttons, and voilà! Herb butter. Works with alcohol or flavored cooking oil, too. Experiment!

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Runners, bodybuilders, and other extreme athletes are trading Budweiser for wiser bud in droves. The sugar, the empty calories, and alcohol can actually lower one’s testosterone. So, lots of health-minded folks and fitness fanatics have decided to put down the bottle as well. Plus, Friday night boozing makes for a really rough Saturday morning run.

Whether you know it or not, your pals, coworkers, and maybe even parents are joining the ranks of the smart and healthy who like to save money and feel good the next day—physically and mentally.


Amber Boone considers writing the cornerstone of communication. She interviews MMA (mixed martial arts) athletes for CombatPress.com and opines on MMA at FightItOut.com. She’s passionate about helping folks tell their stories and making the world a better place, which includes working to win the freedom of Americans to partake of the herb. When not writing or playing beach volleyball, she can be found at her day job—for now. Follow Amber on Twitter @thruthetrees11.