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Top 10 Hilarious Bernie Sanders Memes

Top 10 Hilarious Bernie Sanders Memes

Bernie Sanders‘ fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all is giving hope not just to America but to the world, and making him a favorite amongst the current presidential hopefuls for people who want social change.

Bernie is also the star of hundreds of memes across social media. We’ve picked a few of our current favorites, although this list is almost certainly set to rise. So, in no particular order, we present our Top 10.

1. Dabbing: Bernie vs Hillary

2. Bringing Dank Back

3. What’s Your Favorite Herb?

4. Hopefully…

5. What’s Your Stand On Marijuana?

6. Bernie-Mania

7. Important Issues

8. Y’all Better Keep Running

8. Leading the Fight Against The Dark Side

9. Legit

10. Time To Bern

Have you seen any other hilarious Bernie memes? Share them with in the comments below.