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Who Keeps Snoop High?

We Know He’s Always Lifted, But Who Keeps Snoop High?


We all know The Dogg Father is king of the cannabis world, enjoying some of the finest strains this planet has to offer. Have you ever stopped to wonder how exactly he gets such top-notch product? Sure, it would be easy to chalk it up to the fact that he’s Snoop and can have anything he wants, but the real answer is much, much more interesting. Dr Dina aka the Real Nancy Botwin keeps Snoop, as well as many other A-list celebrities, in an elevated mindset by dispensing the finest cannabis in California.

Starting young

A 20-year relationship with one of the world’s top rappers doesn’t come easily, but Dr. Dina and Snoop Dogg have become so close over the years that he trusts no one else with his cannabis needs. The two met when Dr. Dina was just a teenager, and she had no idea who he was.

But after multiple encounters over the years and Dr. Dina’s thriving entrepreneurship’s, Snoop knew he needed this cannabis queen on his side.

While hanging out with some friends and enjoying a beautiful summer day back in 1996, Dr. Dina had the pleasure of running into Snoop. He just happened to be visiting her friend’s father, David Kenner, a well-known criminal attorney.

Faced with murder charges, Snoop needed to take a break from the tense meeting and get his mind right.

I just thought they were going to smoke a cigarette, I didn’t know. We walked past their tennis court and his boys lit up a blunt. This was the first time I’d seen someone smoke a blunt and I guess I had a look of ‘oh, shit, I’m in a drug situation,’ on my face.

I was a very innocent girl, so I guess I was internally freaking out. My friend looked over at me and turned to Snoop and was like, ‘Oh, man, she’s going to tell my mom.’ I told him I wasn’t, but his mom was the coolest mom ever and she wouldn’t be mad even if I did tell her.

So, Snoop looks at me and just holds this blunt out, and I’m like ‘huh?’ and he says, ‘Hit this, hit this now.’ I just grabbed it and took a little puff, I don’t even think I inhaled, and they’re all laughing and Snoop says, ‘I put you in the mix. You tell on me, you gettin’ in trouble now, too.’

After a few more brief encounters, the two went their separate ways, until destiny intervened and brought them back together again.


Years later, while Dr. Dina was attending college at California State University, Northridge, she noticed Snoop time after time, rolling around campus in a beat-up gold Lincoln Continental. When friends would mention a need for cannabis, Dr. Dina didn’t hesitate to throw business the Dogg Father’s way.

I thought he went to school with us, so I’d just be like ‘Snoopy has weed,’ that’s what we’d call him, Snoopy. So, on the first day of classes one year, Snoopy was in the parking lot and I was complaining about having to go to drama class and he goes, ‘oh yeah, me too.’

After the class began, the professor made each student introduce themselves with a word that described them and their name. Snoop introduced himself as “Copious Calvin,” before receiving a page and walking out of the lesson. Dr. Dina quickly realized he was never a student.

If it’s meant to be it’ll always find a way

Fast forward ten years. After she had helped bring medical cannabis to Los Angeles and opened her dispensary, Dr. Dina was informed by a friend that Snoop had just signed a lease at his brother’s studio, where he would be recording for the next three months.

He didn’t believe me that I knew Snoop. I told him, ‘You tell him you know Chubby!’ I weigh 100 pounds now, but my driver’s license use to say 75, and my license is ‘Chubby,’ so it became a nickname. Twenty minutes later my friend called me freaking out because Snoop wanted to talk to me.

After the two reconnected yet again, Dr. Dina informed Snoop that she had a doctor who could get him a legal, medical recommendation card for cannabis and he could purchase the finest herb in all of California straight from her dispensary. Snoop demanded that she come to him, so Dr. Dina grabbed her real dispensary doctor, and the two headed over to the studio to get Snoop legalized.

The two have been great friends ever since, having what Dr. Dina describes as a “peculiar bond,” meaning they love each other, but also love to pick on each other, almost like brother and sister. Snoop was the first one to call her “Dr.” Dina, and even accidentally outed her as The Real Nancy Botwin during an interview with GQ magazine, but there’s no love lost.

He loves to sing me songs he makes up on the spot, usually it’s something like ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Aye, Dr. Dina’s here to make my day. Plenty of weed coming my way, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A -Dee-Aye!’

In addition to owning and operating dispensaries, non-profits, podcasts, consulting and much, much more, Dr. Dina continues to get Snoop his medical card every year, and keep him stocked on his favorite strains.

While she says he goes through different stages of favorites, currently he’s stuck on OG Kush, but his absolute favorite sativa is Cat Piss, which they can’t seem to find anywhere. Without a doubt, Dr. Dina will deliver whatever Snoop needs and continue her reign as the Cannabis Queen.

What do you think of Dr. Dina’s hard work? Let us know in the comments below.

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