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What Are the Best Strains for Beginners?

Learn about 15 strains that have proven themselves as being great for beginners! Whether you want something quick, easy, high-yielding or potent, we've got the strains for you!

  • Get the answer to the most common questions about auto-flowering strains!
  • Learn 5 things you can do (with any strain) to increase your yields!

Best Marijuana Strains for Beginners

This high-CBD high-THC Super Skunk strain can be a great choice for medical marijuana patients, but is it the best cannabis strain for all growers? Unfortunately there is not When I first started growing cannabis I remember feeling really so excited at the prospect of finally being able to pick my own strains, but I was also a little (a lot?) confused about the whole concept of strains. I had so many questions... How much of a difference is there between each strain? Which ones are the most potent, and which ones yield the most bud? How do I figure out which strain is the best for me?

There are countless cannabis strains out available for a beginner and it can be overwhelming to sift through all your choices. 

If you're in that place I’ve put together a list of popular cannabis strains to give you some ideas of great strains you might want to grow based on my experience. I'll explain why I picked each strain so you can use the knowledge to further your research and help you pick the best strain for you!

I want a strain that is...

  • Quick - Fastest Time to Harvest
  • Easy - Forgiving and Easy to Grow
  • High Yields - Produce As Much Bud as Possible
  • High Potency - Famous Strains & Cup Winners

Plus some bonus info about...

  • Strains for Growing with CFLs
  • Medical Marijuana Strains
  • Further Strain Research

When picking the best strain for a beginner, there's lots of things to consider: The time to harvest, how easy the strain is to grow, the yields and the potency! What's most important to you?


Quick - Fastest Time to Harvest

For when the most important thing is getting to harvest as fast as possible!

When it comes to trying to get to harvest as quick as possible, your best choice is to grow an auto-flowering strain of cannabis. With an auto-flowering strain, you’ll be able to harvest your plant 2-3 months from seed, and it’s not unusual to harvest an ounce or two off each plant. Although there are “quick” photoperiod strains, they are rarely ready to harvest in under 3 months from seed.

Auto-flowering plants have some unique qualities:

  • Auto-flowering cannabis strains are often a good choice for medical marijuana patients.Ready to harvest 2-3 months from seed - quickest time to harvest of any strain of cannabis
  • Autos don’t need special light periods - “Regular” (photoperiod) plants need 12 hours of darkness each day in order to make buds, while autos will make buds and be ready to harvest no matter what light schedule they receive.
  • Tend to be higher in CBD - This can make buds more relaxing with more of an anti-anxiety effect, while reducing some of the inner "racing" effects some people get from cannabis. Autos can be a good choice for medical marijuana patients, or those who’d like to get extra relaxed from their buds. However, there are also some very high THC, low CBD auto-flowering strains which provide more of a psychedelic “in your head” experience.
  • Need a lot of attention - when growing auto-flowering strains you're on a strict time schedule, and especially during the first 6 weeks it's incredibly important you pay a lot of attention to your plants and make sure they grow well. If an auto-flowering plant runs into major problems during the first part of its life you'll end up with tiny plants and tiny yields because an auto-flowering plant stops growing bigger after about 6 weeks. However, when nurtured though the first few weeks, these strains can produce surprisingly high yields in a short amount of time.
  • Very important to pick a good breeder - the ancestor of all auto-flowering strains was a type of wild hemp which had tiny buds and very low levels of THC. As a result, the original auto-flowering strains from more than half a decade ago were generally poor yielding and far less potent than photoperiod plants. Luckily we now have dedicated breeders who put a lot of focus on breeding auto-flowering strains (Dinafem & Dutch Passion are two of the best auto breeders). As a result, there are newer auto strains that have been carefully bred for generations to be just as potent as their photoperiod counterparts. So when you choose a good breeder, you'll be very happy with your results. Yet because there are poor genes out there, it’s important to choose a trustworthy breeder as unscrupulous breeders will sell seeds that that make tiny buds with no potency!

Here are 3 recommended auto-flowering strains for beginners (and connoisseurs!)

  • Quickest Time to Harvest - Auto Lemon OG Haze by Nirvana - Nirvana is known for producing stabilized strains where you always get exactly what they tell you to expect. Their recently debuted Auto Lemon OG Haze strain is the result of 5 generations of careful breeding using star genetics. The resulting plant produces buds with a creative, energetic effect that also comes with a body "buzz" and is ready to harvest as soon as 2 months from seed, though giving the plant an extra week or two before harvesting can dramatically increase your yields. This strain produces dense chunky buds that look beautiful and have a pleasant fruity/citrus scent.

Auto Lemon OG Haze buds become covered in trichomes

Auto-Flowering Lemon OG Haze by Nirvana produces some lovely buds, and they will get really dense if you give the plant a few extra weeks before harvest


  • “Psychedelic” Auto-Flowering Strain - Auto Sour Diesel by Dinafem. This strain is one of the strongest and most potent of all the auto-flowering strains I've grown. The effects have "psychedelic" potency but come with a strong body effect as well. It grows long spear-like buds with a strong "diesel" smell and is surprisingly high yielding when the plant is trained to grow flat. For the best results and highest potency, this strain takes about 3 months from seed to harvest. See a grow journal featuring this strain.

Auto Sour Diesel buds may look average but their potency is out of this world!

Example of an auto-flowering Sour Diesel plant just before harvest - the potency of its buds are out of this world!

  • Medical Strain (Very Relaxing) - Blue AutoMazar by Dutch Passion - One of the highest yielding autos (and Dutch Passion specializes in high-yielding autos!), this strain carries a "cheesy" smell from its Blue Cheese ancestors. The buds don't really smell as much like cannabis as something else that's kind of funky. That can make this a good choice for a "stealth" strain since it doesn't have as much of the traditional skunky "weed smell" that can give away a grow. Buds are ready to harvest in a little under 3 months from seed and its effects are some of the most relaxing buds I've tried with any strain, photoperiod or auto. I believe this would be a great medical or anti-anxiety strain.

Blue AutoMazar Just Before Harvest

Blue AutoMazar cannabis strain - just before harvest!


Easy - Forgiving and Easy to Grow

A happy marijuana seedling - sometimes it's more important for a strain to be easy that anything else. Who doesn't want tough cannabis plants?In order to get the best results with growing cannabis, you need to pay regular attention to your plants. But with busy lives I know that’s a lot easier said than done. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time, and you just want to do the “bare minimum” and still get to harvest. Although I highly encourage you to take great care of your plans, if that sounds like you, you may get the best results by choosing a hardy strain that’s easy to grow and can roll with the punches.

In some ways, auto-flowering strains can be tough for a beginner because they don’t leave a lot of room for mistakes. If you mess up in the first 3-4 weeks, you’ll end up with a tiny plant and small yields at harvest and unfortunately there’s really nothing you can do about it at that point.

On the flip side, a photoperiod plant gives you as much time as you need to dial in your grow and make mistakes. They don’t say cannabis grows like a weed for nothing! With a photoperiod plant you can bring it to the brink of death and back, then continue on with your grow without consequences.

For that reason, I highly recommend sticking with photoperiod ("regular") strains if you’re specifically looking for a strain that’s easy to grow and can bounce back from problems.

  • Low Odor - Northern Light is a hardy, potent strain that tends to have less of a smell than many other strains, which can be helpful for stealth reasons. This strain is a classic that has won tons of awards for its effects. Northern Light plants tend to stay short, bounce back easily from problems, and are relatively quick to harvest. It's one of the first strains I ever grew, and lived through a lot (heat, overwatering, dropping a light on it....). I was so happy with my results and yields.

Northetn Light buds aren't as smelly as many other strains of cannabis

The Northern Light strain by Nirvana is high-yielding, potent, and known to be very easy to grow

  • Quick - Papaya is ready to harvest about 8 weeks after you initiate the flowering stage, which means your buds can be ready in as little as 3 months from seed to harvest. It's not quite as fast as most auto-flowering strain, but close and much more forgiving in case you mess up! Its effects can be a good choice for stress, pain or insomnia.

Papaya responds very well to stressful conditions - check out a grow journal featuring this strain!

4 plants in a 2'x2'  grow area - Max height 17

  • Good for LEDs and Grow Boxes - Blue Cheese plants respond well to LEDs by producing extra potent, extra sticky buds. This strain is also very hardy & resistant to most common plant problems (over watering, underwatering, stress, mold, etc). It's important to get a strain that can resist mold and diseases when you're growing in the high humidity of a small grow box, which don't usually provide enough air circulation for proper growth. This strain is overall just easy to grow and high yielding, and because of its beautiful effects I always choose it when I see it available on the dispensary menu! You really can't go wrong with Blue Cheese. 

The cannabis strain known as


High Yields 

Sometimes the most important thing is producing as much bud as possible!

  • Indica - Wonder Woman - Incredible strain that makes huge, dense buds and yields that can't be beat, with a strong Indica effect. Check out a grow journal featuring a single Wonder Woman plant that produced over 12 oz of bud!

A single Wonder Woman plant can yield over 12 oz under the right conditions!

Wonder Woman is a very high-yielding strain - a single plant can produce over 12 ounces!

  • Sativa - Utopia Haze by Barney's Farm - This strain produces buds that have 22% THC and higher with low levels of CBD, for a truly vivid, "in-your-head" trip true to its Sativa roots. It can grow tall and lanky and produces very well both indoors and outdoors. It responds well to training and is easy to grow, you just need to be careful because these plants can get really big overnight and crowd out your grow space!

The Utopia Haze cannabis strain is a very high-yielding Sativa

  • Social - Pure Power Plant (PPP) - Very high yielding and the buds produce a "friendly" and relaxing effect that can be good for social settings. Sometimes you want something that's great for hanging out with your friends!

The Pure Power Plant (PPP) strain of cannabis grows huge buds with


High Potency - Famous Strains & Cup Winners

Some of the most potent strains available today have won quite a few awards! Cup winners have an air of credibility around them that makes them really attractive and some strains are just straight-up legendary now.

I wanted to share two types of strains with you - Cannabis Cup Winners &Top Dispensary Strains!

3 Cannabis Cup Winners

Sometimes you want to grow something that has won dozens of awards around the world! These strains have become famous for a reason!

  • Original Sour Diesel marijuana colaHigh THC - Original Sour Diesel by The Cali Connection - The potent effects of this plant are mind-altering and long-lasting. It has incredibly valuable genetics and many breeders have tried to create a "new" version of Sour Diesel in an attempt to capture its unique power in a slightly-easier-to-grow form.

    But so far nothing has yet been able to beat the original when it comes to effects.This plant is very stretchy which means it needs to be topped and trained to get the highest yields.

    It has a Sativa background and you should expect it to double in size or more after the switch to the flowering stage unless you make sure to take time to continue bending and securing stems down so all the branches stay short. It comes from a warm climate and can handle very high temperatures but tends to grow slowy when in cooler temps. When well taken care of, it produces huge, long and thick colas. Its trichomes do not turn amber when the plant is mature, so this strain should be harvested when all the trichomes are milky white, as this is when the buds will have the highest levels of THC.

  • Weirdly potent - Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds - Sometimes called the "champagne of strains" the true version of Jack Herer is obsecenely expensive and is only available in "regular" not "feminized" form from Sensi Seeds. It's a world famous strain with buds that blend some of the best tropical Sativa genes for an "up" (or sometimes even "hallucinogetic") effect, combined with strong Indica genes to give it a heavy body effect - the best of both worlds! It has amazing resin production that extends from the buds to the leaves, producing valuable trim. It has only average yields and can be a little tough to grow, so it's meant more for the connoisseur who just wants the best as opposed to growers who care about getting the highest yields possible. Although it's very mold-resistant, it doesn't respond that well to topping (cutting off the main stem to "split" the plant) and should only be trained using LST (low stress training) to get the best results.

Jack Herer is a famous cannabis strain good for both medical marijuana patients and those who just want to soar!

  • Legendary Strain - White Widow is the gift that keeps on giving. A true "legendary" strain, it continues to win Cannabis Cups and show up in coffee shops and dispensaries around the world, in part because of its ability to make you feel uplifted and happy. It's known as White Widow because its buds become so covered in trichomes/glitter that buds can actually look white. Here's an LED grow journal featuring White Widow.

This plant is an example of

3 Top Dispensary Strains

I live in Southern California and when I go to dispensaries there are certain strains that show up over and over again on the top shelf, consistently selling out. Because of that, I know from personal experience that these strains are proven to produce incredible buds no matter who grows them, and I wanted to share my own personal “insider” list with you. Most of these strains are on the pricey side, though I believe they're worth the cost!

  • Girl Scout Cookies by The California Connection - A few years ago, a strain called "Girl Scout Cookies" appeared on the California market and exploded with popularity. The clone-only strain went on to recieve several cannabis cup awards and has gained an almost legendary status. There's just something special about GSC and it regularly appears on the top shelf of dispensaries, only to quickly sell out. A breeder known as "The Cali Connection" (who specializes in California-based genes) has stabilized this strain and now it's finally available in seed form for everyone around the world. Their version of GSC is so well rated that many growers believe it may actually be better than the original clone.

A Girl Scout Cookies plant - all the top buds have turned purple!

  • Blue Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds - This strain has already appeared once on this list but I felt the needs to list it here as well because Blue Cheese is remarkable for several reasons. It is very high in THC, has a nice amount of CBD, stays short and flowers quickly. It's incredibly hardy and produces good yields with dense buds, even in a harsh environment. But the true reason it's popular is this strain produces buds with particularly powerful effects that are often described as "couchlock," "stoney" and ultra relaxing. When I see Blue Cheese on the menu, I get it every time!

Blue Cheese is one of my personal favorite strains

The Blue Cheese cannabis strain by Big Buddha seeds is one of the best strains for beginners because it has it all - potency, easy of growing and unique effects!

  • L.A. Confidential by DNA Genetics - A unique taste/smell are part of what make this particular strain so memorable alongside its spectacular effects which have been described as "enormous," mind-blowing and energetic. As a result, this strain and has won many awards, honors and cannabis cups. It's one of those strains where if I see it on a menu I know it will always be good, no matter who grew it.

L.A. Confidential is one of the best marijuana strains! It's legendary!


Strains for Growing with CFLs

When it comes to growing cannabis with CFL grow lights, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help make things easier for you. Photoperiod or auto-flowering strains are both suitable for growing with CFLs, and you can make CFLs work with any strain. However if possible you want to choose a strain that naturally stays short because CFLs don’t have a lot of light penetration and need to be less than a foot (30 cm) away from your plants to be the most effective. In order to maximize yields with CFLs, you always want to train your plant to grow short and flat, so many bud sites can be close to the CFLs.

Because you want shorter plant with CFLs, you generally want to stick with indica-based strains, while avoiding most sativa or haze strains as they tend to grow tall and stretchy. 

Train plants to grow short and flat with many buds sites to get the best yields from CFLs

This cannabis plant grown under CFL grow lights has such big buds because the grower trained it to grow short and flat


Medical Marijuana Strains

When it comes to growing medical marijuana, the goal is usually to grow strains that are either very high in THC (psychoactive effects), high in CBD (relaxing effect), or high in both.