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It was a beautiful day for a ride. Never trust that a "Cager" sees you even if you have your headlight on. You'll see what I mean if you watch the video.

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    • First off that is a great video, I have had people do that to me also. I think it is all because most drivers are NOT driving but doing other things when they are behind the wheel and also remember what we were taught back in school? Before crossing a street look both ways for CARS, not people walking, bicycles or motorcycles so I think a lot of people just don't see us. Sorry for the rant. Tom
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      • Yeah you're right about them not seeing us. I've had the same thing happen a few times previously but never had a camera running to catch it. A lot of the distraction now days is due to the cellphone. I drove a truck until I retired in Sept and use to see all the crap that people did while driving. The cellphone was just about always glued to their hand. Even at 80 & 90 MPH they would be driving with their knees while texting and not paying attention to the road.
        Safe travels to ya..
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