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Got all the updates installed on the site. I see the site loads MUCH faster !

Added a radio station 
Live Biker Radio Station for All Bikers & Motorcycle Riders - Biker news, events, music, bands, updates & more brought to you by The Bikers Inner Circle Radio!

Like to be different??? check this one out !

  • you just had to show me that didnt i gotta get one!

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    • I thought the same thing when I saw this... Lol...

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    Some body had a shit load of shovels and way to much free time...

    I am still working on the radio app. I'll have it back online soon.

    Who wants to help me move this beast?

    • Sure. You buy the round trip ticket and I'll help.

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      just did a major software update. Things might look a bit different and you'll see it's much faster. let me know if you see any problems.