Site Rules/Goals

Here at CycleMadness the rules are pretty simple.


 Or #1 goal at CycleMadness Is to be known as a friendly site. If your being harassed, speak up. If you need help, just ask...


Rule #0: You must invite every one of your friends immediately after joining!  Lol... Kidding. tongue-out

 Site Rules:

Make no mistake, The following site rules will be enforced. If anyone is here to start trouble or harass other members. Please delete your account and move on...

1: We ask that you show respect to other members at all times.

2: We will not tolerate harassment or stalking of other members.

3: Leave drama at the door. I built this site so I don't have to listen to that shit.

4: Nudity or photos that may be offensive (boobs or below the waist) MUST be kept private or to friends only. For detailed instructions to keep photos private. Click Here --> Photo Privacy.

  If I see or hear of any of the above I will deal with it in the way I see fit. If necessary the Boot Yer Ass button will be used. If someone "Really" pisses me off I will ban their IP address. (no one from that IP address or household can login or join)

  If anyone is experiencing problems pertaining to the above I can be contacted in the CycleMadness profile.

  Just a heads up... There are moderators in the site most all the time. Some members might know who they are, most will not .

Thank You and enjoy your stay,