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Introduction to CycleMadness:

Welcome to CycleMadness.

Our goal at CycleMadness is to provide a friendly atmosphere for our members to meet and mingle with other members without the drama you may find on other sites.

We do closely monitor this site against offensive content, drama and or harassment.

Click here to read our Site Rules

We welcome suggestions for additional topics?

Here's a quick look at how to navigate around CycleMadness menus

1) At the top of any page you will find the Main Menu. Also known as the Navigation Menu.

2) Next is the Sub Menu. This is found just below the cover image on most pages.

3) To the upper right corner is the Member Menu. Here is things like Settings, Messeger, Profile and many others.

See image below.

Upcoming birthdays will show upcoming birthdays of all members, whether they are on your friends list or not.

To BLOCK a member, go to their profile then click on "BLOCK" under their cover photo.

To UnBlock a member simply click on the same and member will be unblocked.

See image below.


You can now fully customize your profile page.

To Customize your profile page.

Go to your profile page and click on the "MORE" button to the bottom right of your cover photo then click on "Customize"

See image below.


Changing the Template is very easy. -- You can change the overall look of the site to your taste. Try it yourself!!

Simply click on "Template" in the footer of any page. (Menu at the very bottom of all pages) You have many to chose from.

See image below.

Our video chat is state of the art High Definition Video Chat and Supports up to 75 people

As in the image below any or all people wanting to chat together must start by being on the same profile page then click on the video chat button. And that's it. Enjoy!

There are many ways to message members. We will cover a few below.

To contact or message a member go their profile and click "Message" under the cover photo.

See image below.

Or... Go to the Messenger Page

(1) Click on your member menu at the top right of any page

(2) Click "MESSENGER" from drop down menu

Messenger page. Find a member to message from the messenger page.

From the "MESSENGER" page, see image below to choose a member.

(1) Click icon as shown below.

(2) Type in members name.

#Create #And #Follow #Hashtags

To create a new channel/HASHTAG simply use the "# then type in and single word. This will create a new channel HASHTAG.

Channels is a context module utilising the power of 'Hashtags' for sorting, following and discovering content.

Channels Hashtags gives users the ability to subscribe to a hashtag, users will get a notification when a post with a specified hashtag is added, and content from those hashtags can be added to their feed.

For every hashtag/channel a separate page with Timeline and other features is added. Users can browse to these pages to view historical content sorted under this Hashtag.

Essentially every time that a new hashtag is specified, a new channel is created.

To change or edit your email address go to Member Menu then Settings

Or click link below.

Email Settings

More below...

To friend or UNfriend any member. Go to members profile page then click "Friend or Unfriend" under their cover photo.

See image below.

When you friend a member you will automaticly follow that member.

When you see a check next to Follow" under their cover photo. You are not following this member. Click to follow member.

When you see "UNFOLLOW" Click to unfollow.

See image below.

To add a new Group you can find the Add New link on the sub menu on any groups page. Or click on the blue button (Add New Group)on the groups home page. See image below...

Please... Always check this help page first. We will add more topics as needed

For one on one help contact or messenge CycleMadness, Jules1961, or SheWolf57.

One of us will gladly get back to you ASAP.

To message another member. see below. For more options, also see Contact/Message Member above.

Once on the messenger page click on icon as shown below then start typing in name.

See more below for group messenging. (Chat with more then one person at the same time).

Using mentions...

Mentions is a very handy tool to add a members name with a link to their profile.

Try it yourself in any text entry field.

Simply type the "@" sign then continue to type in a members name to see a selection, (see image below) then click on the members name.

Then just continue with your conversation as normal. Then you will see a hotlink with members name and a link to their profile. Cool aye?

Once you save the message anyone can click on the highlighted name it will bring them to that members profile.

Also the name memtioned will get a notification that their name was mentioned in a conversation.

When or if you have any notifications you will see (in red) a number of in the top right corner of your screen to the right of your profile icon. (Shown in snippet below)

Click on profile icon to see the drop down menu

Catergorys (Also marked in red) will tell you how many and where they are. Simply click on any marked in red to find out more.

See image below.

Choose which notifications you receive or not receive...

You can turn on or off any individual notification site wide. You can also chose which notifications to receive. On site, Email or Push Notifications. See more below...

1) Click on member menu

2) Click on settings

3) Click on noyifications

Not recieving Notifications...

If you are not recieving notifications you may need to turn them on. See more below...

To change your password simply follow instructions below.

If you can not login...

Enter email address then click "FORGOT PASSWORD" and a temporary password will be sent to the email address used while joining.

NOTE... If an invalid email was used or email was missed spelled you will not recieved an email with a temporary password.

If you do not recieve an email after clicking FORGOT PASSWORD send a message to "CONTACT US" in the footer of any page.

Uploading photos can be done from the timeline on both the homepage and your account page. See image below...

Keep in mind that uploading offencive photos are permitted but they MUST be uploaded to friends only. To upload to friends only you must be in you account page then chose friends in the Visibility field. See below...

Let members that visit your profile page listen to your favorite songs. This music player player is located on everyone's Profile Page. (Only once music file have been added) You simply add any music files from your account page then when people visit your profile page they can play them while visiting your profile page.

To add music files. just go to your account page (Your Shit 😀 ) and you'll see the up-loader on the top right.. (on a computer) If on mobile you'll have to scroll past the timeline. After you upload your mp3 files you'll be able to see the player on your profile page. Located on the right side.

Here is a link I found to download mp3 files. Safe and FREE! Click here....

Earn FREE stuff!

Earn FREE stuff with our new points system!! You will earn points for Posting, Likes, Messaging, New Friends/Followers and just about any activity in the site including simply logging in. You can see the points you have already earned below on the home page in the Points Leader Board. And on your profile. Take a look and see how many points you've already earned.

When you see that you have reached level "I WIN" simply send us your full name and address and that prize will be mailed to you.

Here's how it works...

Earn 250 Points and get one free 5" CM sticker.

Earn 600 points and get 5 free 5" CM stickers

Earn 1200 points and get 10 free 5" CM stickers

Earn 2500 points and get a free CM Tee Shirt

5" Round CycleMadness Vinyl Stickers

CycleMadness Hanes Beefy Tee Shirts

We do have a Points Leader Board.

It can be found on the homepage, way down on the right side.

See image below to open your points app

View the points the you have earned...

Problem Solved!

Tired of your radio station fading in and out while your riding out of town? Simply bring one of our already installed radio stations up on your bikes Bluetooth while you ride. Problem solved ! Don't see your favorite station? Not a problem... Just let us know and we will add your favorite station.

Of coarse you first need to connect your cell phone up to your bike's blue tooth. Of coarse you already did that. Lol...

To listin to any one of our radio stations on the site simply click on any station you see listed on the site then bring up the bluetooth on your bike. Then it should automatically connect to your cell phone. If you have a problem please let us know.

Nowadays most stations do stream their stations live. If you would like us to add your favorite station simply ask us and we will gladly add it to our list.

I've made a lot of changes to the Timeline so it's pretty straight forward now.

Any and All posts to the homepage timeline are always public.

NOTE - Posts to "FRIENDS ONLY" can only be done from your account or profile pages.

All posts to your "ACCOUNT" Timeline are to your friends by default unless you choose otherwise

Posts to "PROFILE" pages are public (can be seen by anyone) unless you choose otherwise. But only within the profile you are posting in.

Photos that may be offensive MUST be uploaded to "Friends" or they will be deleted.

To upload posts to friends only, public and other options...

Uploading to friends option is only avalable from your Account or Profile pages. Visibility option is not avalible from homepage.

While uploading photos click the "Visibility" option then choose "Friends". See image below.

If you see photos that you consider to be offensive simply unfriend member and you should no longer see them.

If you still see photos that you consider offensive after unfriending member please let us know.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Hello... We built this website together with the help from our moderators and members just for fun and we together help to maintain and support the CycleMadness website and it's members.

We hope you enjoy it!



Administrator & Member Support

I live in north central Florida and built this site just for fun. I now help to maintain and support our members.



Moderator & Member Support

​ I'm just outside Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I am part of the support team here at CM and also help moderate.



Moderator & Member Support

​ I live just outside of Macon Georgia. I help to moderate CM and I am also part of the support team.

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