Site Rules

Site Rules/Goals

CycleMadness Goals,

 Our goal at CycleMadness is to provide a friendly atmosphere for our members to meet, mingle and share without the drama you may find on other sites. We do closely monitor this site for offensive content, drama and or harassment.


 The following site rules will be enforced. If anyone is here to start trouble or harass other members. Please move on...

Site Rules,

 Our rules are pretty simple.

1: We ask that you show respect to other members.

2: We will not tolerate harassment or stalking.

3: Leave drama at the door. we built this site so we don't have to listen to that shit.

4: Nudity or photos that may be offensive (boobs or below the waist) is allowed but it MUST be kept private or to "Friends Only". (Instructions below and on the HELP Page)

 If you see something that you believe to be offensive you may simply unfriend and unfollow that person and you should no longer see any posts from him/her.

  If we see or hear of any of the above we will deal with it in the way we see fit. If necessary the Boot Yer Ass button will be used. If a problem continues we will ban ones IP address. (no one from that IP address or household can login or join)

 CycleMadness is known as a friendly site. If your being harassed, speak up. If you need help, just ask...

 Thank You, Team CM


Uploading photos to friends only... 

Uploading to friends only can not be done from homepage. It can only be done from your Account page.

Photos that may be offensive are allowed but they MUST be uploaded to "FRIENDS Only" or they will be deleted. (Boobs or below the waist)

(Instructions...  Upload to friends only. )

While uploading photos from your account page.  click the "VISIBILITY" option then choose "Friends". See image below