Everyone can have their own opinion and believe what they choose to believe. It’s America. Not everyone is the same. But I know I’m not alone in my beliefs that what is happening now is insanity. Mask up. Don’t gather. Hide in your house. Defund the police....
We are the silent majority. We get no air time. We don't burn things down, nor tear things up. We go to work and support our families. We love America. We want to protect the unborn. We salute the flag. We sing "The Star Spangled Banner". We respect law enforcement and obey the law. We appreciate the military. We are the very backbone of this country. We believe all lives matter because that is what we learned from reading the Bible. We treat everyone with respect no matter what color their skin is.
But we are invisible! Let’s be heard! It’s time to start making some noise
Copied and pasted.🇺🇸 Do the same and pass this on. I agree and we should NOT sit silent any longer!!!!!!!!

  • I couldn't agree more!!

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    • Vote on Election day and vote for all the down ballet races not just the President. Local elections will effect you more then the national ones. I figure November will be a very interesting month.

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