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Mahjong Quest
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Mushroom Pop
Life Sudoku
Everyday 4 new Sudoku puzzles and an archive of a month. Solve the puzzles using the Sudoku rules. Every number of 1-9 can only occur once in every row, column and 9x9 box.
Discover Istanbul
Discover Istanbul in this beautiful Match 3 Game. You can swap between 3 game modes: click, swap and connect. In the first stage you have to remove all backgrounds and in the second stage you must guide the key to the hole. You can rotate the board to help you.
Tower Boxer
FireBlob Winter
Hello Winter
Moon Clash Heroes
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Santa Haircut
Dangerous Danny
Tower of Hanoi Solitaire
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Tower of Hanoi puzzle as card game. Move all cards in a single column from 9 descending down to A. You can only move a card onto a higher ranked card or an empty column.
Math Farm

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