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  • Like anything in life, nothing stays the same.  You didn't mention what Rally you attended, but I just recently returned home from the Sturgis Rally.  I put over 5500 miles on my bike and 1500(ish) of that I rode completely alone.

    We stayed at an amazing cabin down in Custer - spent our days riding and our nights around the camp-fire.  It was freaking amazing!

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    • It was the Rally at the Crater in Henderson Texas, I went to Sturgis years ago about a month before the rally there and that is some beautiful country to ride in. Good on you for being willing and able to ride by yourself. More Ladies are getting into riding and solo riding it seems. I have a friend from Napa Cali and she rode her Sporty from Napa to New Orleans and back about 10 years ago for a gathering there. Be safe and enjoy riding

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