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History of the motorcycle: The present
Today the Japanese manufacturers, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha dominate the large motorcycle industry, although Harley-Davidson still maintains a high degree of popularity, particularly in the United States.[citation needed] Recent years have seen a resurgence in the popularity around the world of many other motorcycle brands, including BMW, Triumph and Ducati, and the emergence of Indian as a second successful mass-builder of big-twin American cruisers.[citation needed] In November 2006,
History of the motorcycle: The First World War
During the First World War, motorbike production was greatly ramped up for the war effort to supply effective communications with front line troops. Messengers on horses were replaced with dispatch riders on motorcycles carrying messages, performing reconnaissance personnel and acting as a military police. American company Harley-Davidson was devoting over 50% of its factory output toward military contract by the end of the war. The British company Triumph Motorcycles sold more than 30,000 of it
History of the motorcycle: First commercial products
In the decade from the late 1880s, dozens of designs and machines emerged, particularly in Germany and in England, and soon spread to America. During this early period of motorcycle history there were many manufacturers, since bicycle makers were adapting their designs for the new internal combustion engine.   Diagram of 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller. In 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller became the first series production motorcycle, and the first to be called a "motorcycle" (German: Motorrad)
History of the motorcycle: Experimentation and invention
Butler's Patent Velocycle The very first commercial design for a self-propelled bicycle was a three-wheel design called the Butler Petrol Cycle, conceived of and built by Edward Butler in England in 1884. He exhibited his plans for the vehicle at the Stanley Cycle Show in London in 1884, two years earlier than Karl Benz invented his first automobile who is generally recognized as the inventor of the modern automobile. Butler's vehicle was also the first design to be shown at the 1885 Internation
History of the motorcycle: Early steam-powered cycles
In the 1860s Pierre Michaux, a blacksmith in Paris, founded 'Michaux et Cie' ("Michaux and company"), the first company to construct bicycles with pedals called a velocipede at the time, or "Michauline". The first steam powered motorcycle, the Michaux-Perreaux steam velocipede, can be traced to 1867, when Pierre's son Ernest Michaux fitted a small steam engine to one of the 'velocipedes'. The design went to the United States when Pierre Lallement, a Michaux employee who also claimed to have deve
Aug. 30, 1885: Daimler Gives World First 'True' Motorcycle
The German auto pioneer adds an internal combustion engine to a bicycle frame to make the first gasoline-driven hog. 1885: Gottlieb Daimler patents what is generally considered to be the first true motorcycle. Daimler, the automotive pioneer usually associated with building the world's first successful internal combustion engine (and, subsequently, the first automobile), staked his claim of priority in the two-wheeler world a year before developing his famous auto. However, the idea of a mot
Dreaming big
              The incredible personal journey of Ashmore Ellis, one of the true innovators of the motorcycle industry              Ashmore Ellis has impacted, morphed and permanently changed the motorcycle industry over the past seven years. She’s known primarily for co-creating the Babes Ride Out and Sierra Stakeout events, but in total she has co-created six motorcycle events scattered all over the US and beyond.  Words: Becky Goebel @actuallyitsaxel Ashmore and I are real-life friends, and sh
The JD that came home
The JD that came home German H.O.G.® member Peter Schmidt came into possession of his rare 1928 Model JD through a chance meeting at a classic car show in the former East Germany in 1982. Since then Peter and his bike have covered more than 30,000km, including two trips to the USA – and the bike still has its original paint, nickel finish and pistons.              “I bought the bike from its first owner, who had purchased it from a dealership in Bischofswerda, East Saxony in 1928,” says Peter. “
Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in the U.S.
Explore the best drives in the United States for motorcyclists. ByChristopher P. Baker Published May 12 • 8 min read There’s something uniquely satisfying about touring by motorcycle. The enhanced sense of freedom. The heightened adventure and awareness as you sweep through twisties and curves. You could never get so close to nature's beauty from inside a car. Here are ten great motorcycle rides in the U.S. Pacific Coast Highway, Carmel to Morro Bay: California A scenic roadway like no other, th
Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in Massachusetts
Massachusetts roads offer plenty of options for scenic, relaxing afternoon drives, from the Berkshires to the coast. Enjoy the natural air conditioner that is the Quabbin reservoir, countless cozy towns with their own unique mystique, the bridge of flowers in Shelburne Falls, and the picturesque rolling farmlands of rural central Mass. We’ve put together our top 10 choices for the best motorcycle rides Massachusetts has to offer. 1. Shelburne Falls Loop Distance: 132 milesTime to Ride: 3hrs-half
Top 5 New England Motorcycle Rides
     Every spring, when the rain has finally washed the winter’s salt from the roads, and the sun has dried them, all you can think about is getting on your bike again. But aren’t those last treasured days of riding, before the snow and ice descend, just as precious? New England offers some of the prettiest rides in the country, and we’ve compiled a list of some favorite New England motorcycle rides. From Maine to Rhode Island, there’s a winding, country road to follow.  Photo: Unsplash Hit The
Top 10 Best Motorcycle Roads in Texas
Where are the best Texas motorcycle rides? A while back, we did a popular post on some great Motorcycle rides near Austin.  Well, now we’re taking it one step further and covering ALL of Texas. Texas is, of course, known as the Lonestar state. State that pride itself on long open roads all over the state, perfect for motorcyclists. There are a lot of scenic routes and highways that capture the vast Texas landscape. You will enjoy the wonderful Amarillo region, the Texas vast desert plains that a
BUILT FOR GOOD: Win this custom Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight.
Every custom motorcycle builder has their own way of working: usually in solitude, with their own familiar tools and techniques honed over years of practice. So when David Chang from @caferacersofinstagram had the idea to round up some of the best bike builders in the business to create a custom motorcycle in a week to raise money for the charity Waves for Water, he always knew it was going to be an ambitious project. Throw in a liquor sponsor and a group of old friends that usually only see eac
Church of MO: 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm
                                                                      Few readers know that MO’s own Troy “Trizzle” Siahaan began his motorcycle career as a hard-core cruiser guy/’do-rag model before forming a successful boy band, then later becoming MO’s superbike specialist. Maybe even fewer remember Triumph’s foray into the big-inch cruiser market ten years ago. The Thunderbird and the Thunderbird Storm have left the building, but you never know when they might be back. The Brits tap into the
Changing Your Motorcycle's Oil & Other Maintenance Tips (Harley)
As the warm weather motorcycle riding season progresses and you have embarked on a few long distance trips, it’s time to make sure your motorcycle remains in tip top condition. Cleaning the exterior of your motorcycle is an important job to make sure the surface paint isn’t experiencing damage and bugs don’t become a permanent addition to your bike. However, there is something more important to check.  Your motorcycle’s oil.  Just like your surface cleaning prevents future damage from showing up
Indian Larry Stunt
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. How do you even learn to do something like this? Lawrence De Smedt — better known as Indian Larry, was a famous bike builder and stunt rider. He got his nickname in th 1980s by ridding a chopped Indian motorcycle.  The designers that influenced him where Von Dutc and Ed Roth. Some of his more famous bikes he built are Dayy-O (aka Rat Fink), Wild Child and Chain of Mystery. Indian Larry did not belong to any club and considered himself a lone wolf. He loved the biker life
What Happened to Easyriders Magazine?
Why did Easyriders Magazine Close? Who Owns Easyriders Now? What is the future of Easyriders Magazine, Motorcycle Rodeos, and Bike Shows? These are some of many questions revolving around what happened to Easyriders. But before we go into what is happening with Easyriders here is a brief history of the company. First, Joe Teresi and others started the company in 1970. And the legal name of the company chosen was Paisano Publications. Then under the leadership of Teresi, Easyriders Magazine becam
Fun facts about motorcycles and the motorcycle industry
There are about 40 million motorcycles on the road globally. There are more than 10 million registered motorcyclists in the USA. Britain used more motorcycles than any other country during WWII, more than 400 000. The first International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race was held in 1907; it was won by Charles R. Collier.  The first motorcycle speedway race was held in Maitland, Australia, in 1925. The Triumph Bonneville, first launched 1959, is named after the Bonneville salt. Scott Parker (
38 Motorcycle Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
Be the life of the party at your next motorcycle gathering with these 38 motorcycle facts that explore the last 100 years of motorcycling. Learn how motorcycle companies started, about new laws that sound ludicrous, and trivia on your favorite movies involving motorcycles. We bet there are a few that can stump the best of motorcycle historians out there. So what are you waiting for? Let’s test your knowledge and see how many of these motorcycle fun facts you know! In 1887, Yamaha started as a p
Harley-Davidson Unveils Arctic Blast Limited Edition Street Glide Special
The handcrafted Arctic Blast Factory Custom Street Glide Special will be limited to 500 serialized motorcycles worldwide. Harley-Davidson is producing a limited run of 2021 Street Glide Specials featuring the handcrafted Arctic Blast Limited Edition paint set. The motorcycle was revealed today at the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Availability will be limited to 500 examples worldwide, each serialized on the fuel tank.   The Arctic Blast Limited Edition paint will be offered in a single colorway
How To Clean A Motorcycle Helmet
Time to de-funk your lid for the riding season. Let us sing a song of praise to our motorcycle helmets! Their primary purpose is to sacrifice themselves to protect our noggins. When you bang your head, their outer shell crushes to spread out and lessen the force of the impact before the soft EPS liner compresses to mitigate G-forces before they reach your delicate brain. But that’s not all helmets do. They protect you from abrasion in a slide, keeping your face pretty, and they absorb all manner
Travel & Cannabis
And So It Begins… Travelling and Cannabis, two of my greatest passions. For the last 23 years or so I’ve tried to mix the two together wherever possible. I’ve been to a lot of places over the years but the central theme has always been whether cannabis was freely available where I intend to visit.  So far there have not been many places it wasn’t!! So when I mentioned I was planning a big trip to the gang at Seedsman, it didn’t take much for us to realise that this was an amazing opportunity to
What To Look For When Buying A Used Motorcycle
Shopping for a used motorcycle can be a fun and frugal way to either get into the world of two wheels or just add another bike to your collection. Used bikes are everywhere and come in every shape and size you can imagine and a lot of them offer an excellent value proposition compared to a new bike. If you want a used motorcycle, but you're not sure what to look for, here are a few things you should be on the lookout for when shopping on the used market. The Bike As you can probably imagine, use
Science Proves Riding A Motorcycle Is Good For You. Seriously.
     We’ve all felt it before: this uncontrollable need to smile, breathing in the air of freedom, feeling the interior peace and weightlessness that comes with being on the road and sharing a moment alone with yourself to the sound of a mix of exhaust note and wind. This might all sound a little sappy and over-poeticized, but you know exactly the feeling I’m describing and als know that very little can compare. Apparently, it’s not just a “feeling”—riding actually is good for us.    SO MANY BEN
Archaeologists Discover Cannabis Residues On 2,700-Year-Old Biblical Shrine
Like many psychoactive plants, cannabis has been used as a spiritual sacrament by various cultures worldwide for thousands of years, and new research suggests that it may have facilitated communion with the gods in the biblical Kingdom of Judah. Rather than rolling up a sacred spliff or sucking on a biblical bong, however, it seems that worshippers mixed the plant with animal dung before setting it alight to release cannabinoids into the air.In a new study in the journal Tel Aviv, a team of arch
By: Mick Jones Are you dating online and not meeting the women you crave and would like to meet I know what you are going through and it can be a lonely place when you aren't getting the results you desire. In this situation you have to hang in there and never give up! Tip #1Test your replies from what you write in your first and second emails. Save your emails in a file and use the ones that get the most replies as templates...everyone is unique though. Tip#2You must comment on personal things
By: Mick Jones "Men's Killer Dating Mistake." and how to avoid it!Once you are good at meeting women online, or anywhere for that matter. The next step is to be able to qualify the lady quickly. By qualify I mean to decide whether to see her again and allow her into your life. This is a very important skill for many reasons.Here is the Killer mistake a lot of men make!They spend too much time with a woman they should have "disqualified" 20 minutes after they met her.Mainly because they're glad t
By: Mick Jones "Men's Online Dating Email Tips... That Will Triple Your Replies and Dates!"By Mick JonesAuthor of 'How to Meet Women on the Internet.'Dear friend,Have you been dating online and are frustrated with poor responses to your emails?Or even worse, women not replying to your first emails at all? This is enough to make you give up isn't it? Especially if you are recently divorced, split up and single. I know the feeling and have been there and felt the pain.Well, I have good news for yo
By: Ida Home What is true matching about? It is about people that seem to be made for one another. But this may become a deceiving matter because matching begins with honesty.1. The first you have to do is being honest with yourself, knowing who you are and what you are about. This issue tightly depends on your selfesteem, so work it out at this instant, always keep in mind a good image of yourself, this is the essence of being ready for your love!2. Remember that unless you are ready to meet th
By: Kok swee onn If you have been widowed, or perhaps divorced, and you are having a difficult time meeting other seniors that you would enjoy spending time with, you should really consider what senior dating services can do for you. By contacting a senior dating service, you aren't admitting that you need help finding a person you can trust and be intimate with, you are admitting that you have something to offer to the opposite sex, and you don't want to withhold it any longer. No one has to be
By: elaine williams When a relationship ends due to one partner dying, what is the correct time period to begin dating again? Grief is such a funny, unpredictable animal. Many people in years' past think a year is a suitable time to wait before incorporating life changes, and yet for many of us, a year into our loss - we're barely getting started on our grief journey. My experience has been that people and perhaps society as a whole, do not allow enough time or thought to the actual grief proces
By: Antonio Bonito Tired of trying to attract the woman of your dreams into your life? Fed up with getting nowhere fast? Does even your pet spaniel reject your caresses?Well, it might come as little surprise, but what turns many women on is music and those who play it. The sheer romance of standing beneath the boudoir window of your beloved and reciting your melancholy airs, whether clad in tunic and tights or not, has been known to turn even the coldest heart into the most ardent groupie ready
By: Cucan Pemo Nothing is more traumatic than seeing a relationship falling apart. It breeds suspicion, distrust and distance. A couple who could not live without each other at one point of time start finding reasons to stay away. The relationship failure is painful for both the partners. Both try to hurt each other; and the more they hurt each other the more they destroy what was once a very loving relationship.Signs of relationship failureIt needs no special skills to understand when a relatio
By: Cucan Pemo When you're attracted to someone, you might realize it right from the start. They make you feel special or they make your face curl into a smile each time they're around. You can't explain it, but you can feel it right into your toes. But are these feelings enough to tell if you have the right chemistry or not? Here's what you should be looking for:How do you feel when they are around?Whenever you are around a certain person, take a personal inventory of how you feel. Are you happ
By: Cucan Pemo It takes a long time to build a relationship. But it does not take long to destroy it. In fact, the cycle of failure needs no pushing; it gathers its own momentum. And once it does so, it becomes very difficult to stop it or put it in reverse gear.The important thing is to stop the cycle of failure from moving on its own. This can only be done if the two partners realize what's happening. One of them has to step forward, and stop the relationship from cracking.Often it is men who
By: Cucan Pemo The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the universe. According to it like attracts like. That is why creatures of the same kind attract each other. Wherever there is one ant, you will find many more; wherever there is one farmer you will find several farmers; wherever there is a lone sheep or cow you will find a herd. We all know that wolves hunt in groups; and fish swim in packs. But have we tried to find out why?We never analyze how we make friends or companio
By: Cucan Pemo A woman with commitment phobia always feels insecure and vulnerable when it comes to marriage. She wants to postpone the decision; is often confused and does not know how to get out of the relationship. Unlike men, women with commitment phobia don't go around hunting for men. They develop natural relationships; relationships in which they believe but which they are not willing to sustain. In the process they not only hurt men but also hurt themselves.They find it very difficult to
By: Cucan Pemo There are some men who make women feel very lovable and desirable. They lavish love and gifts on them, and make them feel very special. But when it comes to marriage, they back out. They have a great fear of getting tied to a single woman for life. They run away from the very idea of marriage. Their relationships never have fairytale endings; instead they are littered with heartbreaks.These men suffer from commitment phobia, a fear of committing themselves to one single woman. How

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