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  • I'm sorry I jumped the gun on this. The update for the mobile app won't be ready till next week.   Also... the iOS mobile app should be ready around the beginning of next week.

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    • I'm not on mobile.  

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    • We will test more this weekend. You can help out with that if you don't mind.

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      • I checked over the weekend and it started working.  At first it still didn't with Chrome but would with Firefox.  It has been working a couple days with all browsers tested.  Weird I get emails for pictures posted by people but not always for new messages and all alerts allowed.  Need more local women!

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        • Thanks for testing. With Chrome I had to reload the page a couple times to get then it came up for me. Also with Chrome it will ask you to install a small file but should work then. Other browsers I haven't seen any problems. Mobile ability's will be ready in a few days.

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          • Oddly, it worked on my mobile Chrome browser but not any of my desktops/laptops.  Never been asked to install anything.  Which I wouldn't anyway. 😒 

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