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The Iron Butt Club

The Iron Butt Club consists of riders who have ridden more than 1000 miles in one day. Those of us that have, please take a little time and tell us about your journey. And post plenty of pics!

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  •  Anonymous: 

    Soooo on my bucketlist!  I've done around 625 in one day - still a respectable distance...but I want to earn that Ironbutt!!  Hats off to all of you!!

    Samaya (Sam)

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  •  Jules1961: 

    I am in awe of you that have ridden this far in one day.

     13.08.20181 replies1 replies 
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  •  CycleMadness: 

    That was a wonderful ride with some great friends. Left the house here in FL at first light and rode out to Knoxville Tennessee and continued on over mountains out there. Then out to Deal's Gap (AKA "The Dragon" or "Tail of the Dragon"). 318 curves in 11 miles - what more needs to be said? Well these just aren't any curves as there are many sharp turns, steep drop-offs, not many cars, lots of bikes ... overall a real challenging road. The road is mostly in good shape as its become a real tourist draw and the local government knows to keep the road in good shape and the people will keep coming. Its challenging and exciting for some, scary to beginning riders, be careful on this one. By the time you reach the plateau from which the end (otherwise known as the turn around) your will be spent but very eager to hit the tight turns that are banked to perfection. Pay very close attention to on coming cars and large trucks as the turns are hairpin and they do come into your lane! That was a ride to remember! And yes, I got the tee shirt!

    To get an idea what its like to ride the Dragons Tail watch this video. It's a guy that calls himself Yellow Wolf. He rides a yellow Gold-wing gl1800 and has balls the size of grape fruits. Lol...

    Yellow Wolf, Gone in 60 seconds!


    Map, Tail of the Dragon

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