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Soil vs Hydroponics - Which One is Better? (Viewed 1285 times)
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Soil vs Hydroponics - Which One is Better?

 "Which is best, Soil or Hydro?" It's an old question, but a very good one. And to be honest, there's never going to be a definitive answer. Lots of people have some very fixed opinions on this subject, people get stuck in their ways and become so busy preaching they forget to listen. To try and answer the question it would be useful to take a closer look at some of the different aspects of growing your own marijuana.

Both approaches to growing your own wicked buds have advantages and disadvantages. Hydroponics (grown without the use of soil) can involve more equipment and the initial financial outlay may be higher, as are running costs with the necessity for pumps. Soil can be a bit messier than hydro, and if you're not careful, soil can harbour diseases and parasites. Hydro gives you much more control over the entire growing environment and feeding. Assuming that your water is pure, a hydro system allows you to know exactly what is going in to your plants and allows you to be able to make precise bud-enhancing adjustments accordingly.



A soil-based regime must obviously be the closest to the plant's natural growing environment.  

Flavour is another area of contention between advocates of either method. In this aspect the results are irrefutable, weed grown in soil tastes better. It's like the difference between those watery, cheap, greenhouse tomatoes and rich, ripe organic tomatoes. It might be a subtle difference, but if we're going to split hairs trying to find out which method is best, then there it is. Many veteran grower's unanimously agree, when it comes to getting your buds that quality taste, nothing beats organic rich soil.   

Of course, in the modern, material world that we live in, value for money is the most important factor for many people. A lot of growers insist that hydroponics will give the greater yield, however this is hard to substantiate. Comparing yields can be futile as there are so many factors involved, not least the experience of the grower. At the end of the day the skilled cannabis grower can achieve yields with soil that compare favourably with those of the hydroponic enthusiasts.  

With so little to choose from between the two different methods, it may be useful to consider the ethical aspect. A lot of growers, and tokers, feel an affinity with nature and adopt an ethical approach to all aspects of life. The word 'natural' is used ad infinitum in arguments as to why cannabis should be legal and not classed together with other synthetic substances as a 'drug'. In this respect soil is the obvious winner. Soil is more natural and as such is the method of choice for the ethical smoker.

And there you have it, it's a close run competition and both methodologies have merit and value. Maybe we should just be happy with top quality cannabis however it is grown, I know I am. But if we have to make a definitive choice, I for one would chose soil.