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Should You Grow Indica or Sativa? (Viewed 1228 times)
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Should You Grow Indica or Sativa?
Posted on January 24, 2015

What to Grow Indica or Sativa?

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I'm sitting here in my grow room.  Let me just tell you, it's a beautiful sight!


I wish you could be here. The state-of-the-art grow lights cast a warm, sunny glow on the latest crop of gorgeous ladies. The resinous crystals glisten on the buds like tiny diamonds in the light. As the ladies sway gently in the breeze from the oscillating fan, the heavenly aroma of fresh flowering cannabis wafts my direction...


While I'm enjoying the sights and smells (and sending huge amounts of positive energy to my babies,) I thought I'd take a minute to talk about something that's super important if you're thinking about growing: Choosing between the two species of cannabis - Indica and Sativa.


If you've spent much time learning about how to grow killer weed, you've probably already run into this question. So what exactly is the difference between Indica and Sativa, and which variety is going to deliver the dank, sticky-sweet buds we all drool over?


First of all, keep in mind that the majority of the popular strains nowadays are hybrids. This means that they're the result of cross breeding between Indica and Sativa plants.


When you buy pot seeds (or little baby plants) the strain is usually listed with the percentage of Indica and Sativa present in the strain's genetics. This will give you a good idea of which end of the spectrum your plants will tend toward.


Now we get down to the nitty gritty: which species is right for you? I suggest taking the following three things into consideration.


1. The Shape.


Since Sativas grow tall and skinny, and Indicas grow short and bushy, the size and shape of your grow room plays an important role in the decision. Indicas are much loved by "stealth" growers, since they can do well in tight spaces (like those PC cabinet grows you may have seen - very cool!) Sativas are great for a closet, where there's not much square footage, but a lot of vertical space.


2. The Yield


Generally speaking, an Indica will produce more bud per plant than a Sativa. This could be especially important in areas where growers are limited by the number of plants they can produce. There are a lot of other factors that can affect the yield (all covered in depth in my grow guide), but as a rule of thumb, Indicas are denser and more bud-heavy.


3. The High.


Indica-dominant strains tend to have a heavy, sedative, "couch lock" quality to their high, while Sativa-dominant varieties are known for being stimulating, spacey and cerebral. In other words, Indicas produce more of a body buzz, while Sativas give you a head high. This comes down to a personal preference, and if you're not sure, you can always choose a strain that has an equal mixture of both.


I could get a lot more in depth on this topic (and I do in my free Ultimate Strain Guide - more on that in a sec,) but this should give you a head start on deciding between Indica and Sativa.


Once you make the call, it's time to drill down even further and choose a strain. (That's right, there are literally hundreds of strains within the Indica and Sativa 'umbrellas', and thousands that are a mixture of both!)


Each strain comes within it's own quirks and characteristics. Some are great for beginning growers; some are best attempted only by seasoned pros. Some will send you to the couch for a long nap, others will have you bouncing around and giggling like a schoolgirl!


It helps to have an authoritative strain guide to help you find a strain that's perfect for you. Now, there are some strain guides available for free on the Internet, but they're never anywhere near complete and they usually contain bogus or outdated information. Trust me, I've read just about all of them in my years of research!


As a special bonus for readers of the world's number one grow guide, Growing Elite Marijuana, I included the most up to date and thorough strain guide ever created. If it's not in this guide, your dealer probably made it up!


Seriously, though, it covers just about every strain out there, with information on growing characteristics, Indica/Sativa ratios, taste and flavor, descriptions of the high, and more. (Did I mention the mouth-watering pictures of the finished products? Great for inspiration.)


And it's completely free when you download Growing Elite Marijuana! Click here to find out more about the Ultimate Strain Guide that comes free with the best damn grow guide on the planet.


Sending you lots of positive energy through the universe