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Intro: So You Want to Grow Weed? (Viewed 1542 times)
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Intro: So You Want to Grow Weed?
Reply #2 Posted on January 11, 2015

Intro: So You Want to Grow Weed?

Despite what you may have heard, growing cannabis is actually pretty easy once you have the right information. Most people with the will to grow, a few extra minutes each day and a space to grow have what it takes to grow their own cannabis .

Cannabis goes by many names; “weed,” “pot,” “marijuana,” “ganja” and more. Cannabis, a plant related to hemp and grows flowers in the fall. The flowers of the female cannabis plant are what most people think of when it comes to the word “cannabis.” The flowers of this plant are dried and cured to become the buds that can be used to vaporize, smoke, eat (via edibles) for recreational or medical purposes.

Dried & Cured Flowers of a Female Cannabis Plant

Cannabis buds in hand - variety of different strains
"Sinsemilla" - potent cannabis buds without seeds

Maybe you're like me a few years ago. You like cannabis, or need it for medical reasons, and you’re tired of paying for it. Or perhaps, like me, you couldn’t even find any cannabis to buy most of the time.

For people like us, growing cannabis can be a relaxing pastime that can save you a lot of money, time and frustration.

How to Grow Your Own Marijuana - by

Why I started growing cannabis

  • save money & time - compared to buying cannabis, growing is much easier for me

  • health reasons - I use medical marijuana for epilepsy

  • greater stealth - never have to pick up cannabis from somewhere else

  • personal safety - no need to deal with drug dealers to get cannabis

  • consistent supply - never run out

  • higher quality cannabis & choice of strains - produce exactly what you want

Before you start growing, it’s important that you understand your local laws. If you live in the USA, this website may help.

Cannabis is a weed in the wild that adapts to many climates. Cannabis plants can actually be really easy to grow if you have the right information and know what to do. It can seem impossible to get started if it’s your first time growing, but this website will walk you through everything.

Secret window into cannabis grow tent

Don't you want to see this when you wake up every morning?