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Home Grown Herb IS Better (Viewed 1083 times)
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Home Grown Herb IS Better
Posted on March 01, 2015


Sometimes it boggles my mind that certain people like to call themselves marijuana enthusiasts, yet they still smoke the same crappy buds time & time again.

Let's face it; not having access to your very own endless supply of mouth-watering marijuana just plain SUCKS.

You've probably always wondered how some people are able to grow their own incredible bud in the privacy of their own home and never have to worry about how, when and where to get their next baggy.

You see, being able to smoke copious amounts of "top-shelf" herb whenever you want has to be one of the best feelings... ever.

I remember when I first started out wanting to grow my own just after I was diagnosed with my severe depression and got my healing prescription... I really wanted to grow my own amazing marijuana in the privacy of my home and stop having to rely on others whenever I wanted my important medication.

Not to mention that every day street prices just seem to skyrocket as the already dodgy quality just goes down and down!

My first grows were a frustrating disaster. I wasted so much money on ruined crops, incorrect equipment, blown up bulbs, mold-destroyed plants, nutrient deficiencies... you name it. I made every mistake in the book, but the bottom line was that I was FRUSTRATED. Did growing my own awesome marijuana really have to be this HARD?!?

I wanted something simple. Something that was easy to follow along with that produced incredible results - FAST! There was nothing out there like this. No complete system that would hold my hand all the way from seed to smoke.

Grow Your Own Killer Pot With Total Ease!

It was then and there that I developed my how to grow weed system, distilled down and refined from all the practicing years, books I've read, every DVD I've watched, every extensive interview and conversation with other talented world-class marijuana growers, magazines, tutorials, all the grow classes I've taken, all the personal intense research, study and practice, all the failed attempts and growing mistakes I've had to learn the hard and expensive way. I refined it all into the ultimate guide.

It was all here. I wanted to share this shortcut to elite ganja growing success with everyone I could, I had to test it out first. I immediately taught my neighbor who had his own medical marijuana prescription & had mentioned he would like to grow his own. And guess what? After applying my ganja success system within a very short time he grew his very own outstanding medical-grade marijuana supply in record speed on his very first try without ever having to go through the frustrating pain and 10-15 year learning curve most experts have to go through to learn how to do it the right way...

So I began teaching it to more and more people who needed to grow their own medicine in the comforts of their homes and then more and more people were doing it. After everyone began calling me with such excitement and joy about their newly grown effortless incredible eye-popping sticky and frosty new buds I realized I stumbled on something profound. I had a gift - I could literally shave TEN YEARS or more off of any marijuana grower's learning curve and turn them from total newbie who knows absolutely nothing to pro virtually overnight.

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