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Cute, Funny 420 Story! (Viewed 980 times)
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Cute, Funny 420 Story!
Posted on January 23, 2015

I Just Had To Share This

Check out this funny 420 story! 

Here it is:

 Hello Ryan. This is Paul from New Hampshire ( the guy who makes his own fireworks ).

  About 2 years ago, I had a field mouse get into my house and made his home in my stove.

  He was kind of cute, so I feed him crackers and cheese each night.

  Well the strangest thing happened on sunday.

  I've followed your grow book and had the best harvest so far.

  I picked a great looking bud to dry out and get ready for football playoffs on saturday night.

  I left it on a paper plate on my kitchen counter overnight so it would be ready for sundays games.

  When I got up on sunday morning, it was gone....

  I thought that the mouse used it for bedding material so I lifted the stove top, which I do twice a week to clean his poop spot to clean it and there was no sign of the bud.


  After all the mistakes in the learning process and following your guide, this is the best quality harvest yet and from street seeds even.

  I left another small bud out last night and it disappeared also.

  I was just wondering if you have ever heard of such a thing as a mouse eating pot?

  He doesn't bother my plants in the grow tent, just the finished product.

  I'm going to have to build a mouseproof drying box.

  Do you have any knowledge of this happening before?

  I'm at the stage of experience and confidence now to buy the feminized expensive seeds from Holland for my next grow

  Thank you for your great info and keep the newsletters coming

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