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Auto-Flowering Grow Journal (Viewed 2042 times)
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Auto-Flowering Grow Journal
Reply #10 Posted on February 26, 2015
Auto-Flowering Grow Journal - 6.7 oz
​by Nebula Haze
A lot of growers seem to think that you need really big grow lights in order to get good yields. And while bigger grow lights can get bigger yields, small ones can get really nice yields, too! It's all a matter of how you use them!
I've heard several people claim that a 250W HPS light is too small to grow much bud at all, and I wanted to prove them wrong.
Many personal growers don't need a bigger grow light to keep themselves well-supplied, and a smaller light saves a lot of electricity and produces a lot less heat than the more standard sized grow lights.
A Small Grow Light Means Less Electricity and Heat
Instead of trying to add more and more light to increase yields, sometimes you'll get better results by focusing more on what you're doing in the grow. For example, simple plant training techniques go a really, really long way toward increasing yields, and they're free!
Another reason why I got such a small light is I was growing in a grow tent without an exhaust (I know, I know, you shouldn't do that but I couldn't risk the sound of an exhaust fan in this particular part of the house), so I needed a grow light that didn't produce much heat!
2.5 Months to Harvest
2.5 Months to Harvest
I started a grow a few auto-flowering plants under this 250W HPS grow light in mid-October and the plants were ready to harvest around New Years.
I was able to accomplish such a quick timeline by using auto-flowering strains, which automatically grow from seed to harvest in just 2-3 months. Learn more about auto-flowering cannabis strains.
When I harvested these plants around New Years, I found that I'd been able to grow nearly 7 oz of bud in less than 3 months under this small light!
Auto-Flowering Strains in This Grow Journal
Grow Space
  • 2'x4'x5' Grow Tent
Grow Light
  • 250W HPS Grow Light
  • General Hydroponics Flora Trio
  • CaliMagic Supplement
(including EVERYTHING I used in the entire grow, from plant containers to rope ratchets - if you get the stuff on the list you can do this grow exactly how I did)
Oct 14, 2014 - Grow Started
Dec 31, 2014 - First Plant Harvested 
Jan 9, 2015 - Last Plant Harvested
Start of grow 
End of Week 3 
 Week 6
Week 9
( the "Jack 47" plant has been removed from the lower right since it didn't start making buds with the rest of the plants)
Week 12 - just before first harvest 
Auto-Flowering Strain Reviews (short version)
Blue AutoMazar by Dutch Passion
  • 2.3 oz Yield
  • Best yield of the three
  • Fastest to harvest
  • Sweet smell that doesn't really smell like cannabis, and wasn't very pungent - this might be a good strain for a stealth grow
  • Buds were kind of airy
  • Buds did not seem particularly "strong" as far as potency, but they are great for relaxation and likely other medicinal purposes
Here's what the Blue AutoMazar plant looked like at harvest
Critical Jack Auto by Dinafem
  • 2.1 oz Yield
  • Best looking, and most dense buds of the three
  • Incredibly stinky - I think this is probably one of the smelliest plants I've ever grown!
  • I was happy with the high potency of these buds, they can definitely compete with photoperiod strains! This plant tied with the Sour Diesel as far as potency.
Here's what the Critical Jack plant looked like at harvest:
Sour Diesel Auto by Dinafem
  • 2.2 oz Yield
  • Very potent, maybe even more so than the Critical Jack though I would consider them a tie. I was delighted that the two Dinafem auto strains had such high potency.
  • Not the prettiest buds of the bunch, but they were dense, sticky and covered with orange hairs
  • After all is said and done, this was my favorite plant. Even though it had a really slow start (was way behind the other plants) started out with very thin colas, the buds really chunked up and the plant ended up getting the second best yields. I loved the effects of the buds. I would grow this strain again!
Here's what the Sour Diesel plant looked like at harvest:
Final Yield: 6.7 oz
Between the 3 plants I harvested 190.4 grams, or about 6.7 ounces 
Overall I'm really glad I did this grow and got a chance to try growing auto-flowering cannabis strains.
They impressed me with their quick time-to-harvest and yields. Their medicinal qualities were better than nearly all the buds I run into, even some of the high-CBD medicinal strains like Harlequin (which never really did anything for me).
I was initially worried the buds wouldn't be as strong, and I was very pleased to find out the potency of the two Dinafem auto strains were as good as the photoperiod strains we have in the house. Auto-flowering strains have really come a long way from the original "Lowrider" strains!
I think auto-flowering strains are the perfect choice for a lot of people, especially medical marijuana patients, people who don't have time to train their plants, or those who need a harvest soon. But for me the downsides outweighed the upsides, and although I'll probably visit autos again in the future, I'll be a growing a photoperiod plant for my next grow! 

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