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Waffle done

63 year old teenager who loves riding motorcycles and meeting new people

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Rojo at my farm

Good morning everyone and I am now calling today's meeting of Bikers who need coffee to order. Tell me you favorite coffee to drink and the coffee you drink the most of. I use Costco brand coffee for my daily intake but also have Black Rifle Coffee (All American Vet owned business) for my special occasions. Y'all enjoy your morning beverage and have a wonderful day.  

Way this country is going to hell in handle basket

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday Eve, hope you have a wonderful and can get out and ride. Storming pretty good in Southeast Texas so be careful out there. Remember if you don't play well with others you will just have to play with yourself. 😎

  • Top o' the mornin' H-ryder

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    Good morning all, cleared to start riding again by my doctor and now it is supposed to rain all freaking week.!  UGGGGGGHHHH My life sucks at times

    • Time to break out the rain gear bud.

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      • LOL during my ride around the country in 2017 I spent half my time in rain gear. I think I can wait a few days fr the rain to stop. I have and will continue to ride in all weather but the assholes around here can't drive when the sun is out much less when it is raining.

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        Doing the Happy Man Dance here, just got out from seeing my orthopedic doctor and he said if I feel like riding go right ahead. So I plan on a couple of short around the neighborhood rides and then work my way back up to my typical 200-300 daily rides, Hell Texas is a big state. SO the only thing wrong with all this is that it is freaking raining and supposed to rain all week. Uggggg

        • Ive been waiting four months now  with a fkd shoulder to ride my scoot. Looks like it may be years before I get to though. If I was in your shoes brother , Id be on that bike come rain hail or shine!

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          • Raining? Hell, that is the only time mine gets washed! Lol 

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            Good morning everyone and Happy Father's Day to all you Dads.

            • Thank you and Happy Fathers day to all the Dad's out there.

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              • Thank you and to you as well

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                Good morning everyone and I hope you have been able to get out and ride sometime during this weekend. I have not seen a lot of you on here when I drop in so I figure you are out riding. Take care and be safe out there.

                Good morning Y'all and welcome to Friday. Hopefully you can have a safe and fun filled weekend. Time to get out and ride if you can.

                Good morning to all you Beautiful Ladies and ugly ass men. Hope you all have a great day, get out and ride if you can.

                Good afternoon to all you Beautiful Ladies and you ugly assed guys (I am one of you so relax). Bit of a rant here, with all the other bullshit going on right now around the country this is NOT we need as bikers, motorcycle enthusiast or just people that ride. I am not nor have I been in a club but have friends that are in clubs from 1% clubs to AMA type clubs so I know a bit about club life. This shit needs to stay private, take it out to the woods or where ever but not in public. About 30 miles from my home.


                • Crazy!!

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                  Good Happy Hump Day afternoon to y'all. Hope you are safe and secure and having a good day.

                  Good morning everyone and I hope and pray that y'all are safe and secure from all the bullshit going on right now. I am afraid that this is just the beginning of an ugly summer. I remember the riots of 1968 and I am sure these are going to be as bad. Be safe out there.

                  • Mornin' H-ryder

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                    Name to be used on site:
                    Looking For:
                    Man, Woman
                    United States
                    Retired Firefighter EMT
                    Riding and working on motorcycles, traveling, camping, wood working and trying to teach myself how to weld. Did I say I like riding motorcycles? Shooting and I used to own a small sail bot that I took around the country sailing on rivers and lakes
                    Riding and working on motorcycles, traveling and meeting new and old friends.
                    Favorite Sites:
                    CM2 of course.
                    Favorite Music:
                    Old rock n roll, old country, 1950/60 Doo wop, Mo Town and some classical. Don't like rap, hip hop techo or any of the other noise being made now a days
                    Favorite Books:
                    Lots and lots of books
                    Please tell us where you heard about CycleMadness.:
                    SheWolf dragged me over from bon
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