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Hello, My name is John. I grew up in the small country town called Atkinson New Hampshire. I now live in Silver Springs FL. Silver Springs is about 50 miles west of Daytona.

I started riding when I was about 12 in my parents back 40. I am currently retired and created CycleMadness as a hobby because it occupies my free time and I enjoy a challenge. And it can be... Lol...

. Myself and others do closely monitor this site so rest assured that there will be very little drama in here.

  We hope you enjoy your stay. 

Bring your friends and stay a while!

CycleMadness, (John)

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My '09 Rocker

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If you can believe it I'm working for the next few days. Building some work benches in my buddy's garage. I thought I had a big garage at 24x36. His is 40x50. Lol...

  • Build the work benches on caster wheels that you/he can lock in place. MUCH better to able to push them around that way. I used cabinets to build one wall of bench in my shop and then build a couple of "assembly tables" that I can drag around. Only problem is I have loaded the tables down with stuff and now I can't move em. If he does a lot of wood working use the table saw to set the height of the benches so he can use them as in feed/out feed tables also


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    • Funny you say that Hardryder56 . Keith's benches are against the wall and permanent but I built one of mine just like your suggesting. I built it so it's 1/4 in below the top of the table saw. But I built it on retractable wheels. I added a foot peddle on each end to raise the table and the wheels lock down. I pull on a rope at the end and the wheels retract and it sits solid on the floor.

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      • Thank you and you as well

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        Silver Springs, FL, United States
        ​Mechanic, Metal Fabrication, Electrician.
        Computers, Motorcycles, Woodworking and Sprint Cup Racing.
        Romantic walks under the moon lite skies, Naw.. Kidding!
        Riding my TriGlide, Computers, Wood Workin, Fixin $hit, Doing things for others
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