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Riding a motorcycle requires defensive driving at its best, and after 30 years I believe it is not an “accident” that I have not yet been seriously injured. As riders, we hear warnings all of the time—“be careful, ride safely, watch out for the ot
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Charity Rides and Rallies for 2017                                                                             Whether you like to ride with thousands of other bikers, do some charity work while you attend a rally just for fun, or just break away
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Land under Ma Barker house has been sold     By Carlos MedinaCorrespondent The saga of an Ocklawaha house where Arizona “Ma” Barker and her son Fred were killed during a historic shootout with the FBI in the 1930s took an interesting twist af
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ART ATTACK: Ian Barry’s Cataclysmic Café Racers Ian named this bike “The White, ” perhaps because of its 100% polished surfaces that creates its monochromatic visual impact. Perhaps some would call it a “crime of passion” to “recycle” classic British
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A Meeting of the Real Movers and Shakers: ‘Why We Ride’ Movie Premiere An image from the new movie Why We Ride. Photo Credit: Paul Garson and courtesy Why We Ride When you talk about stellar motorcycle movies, several pop into gear, notably Brando’s
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How to Choose The Right Motorcycle Tank Bag   The humble tank bag is the most essential piece of motorcycle luggage. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, with a number of different mounting options. Which one is right for you and your needs? L
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The 12 Best Things To Keep In Your Motorcycle Tank Bag    Most of us will agree that when all’s said and done, pockets will be looked upon as one of the pinnacles of human invention. You can keep stuff on you, you don’t have to carry things in your hand
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By Chris Cope - August 25, 2015 "Harley," says the grinning Russian, pointing first at his motorcycle, then himself. "HOG!" His female companion offers a frenetic grin and thumbs up. "HOG!" she shouts. It's day five of my European road trip
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By Chris Cope - August 12, 2015 As the crow flies, there are roughly 850 miles of land and water between Cardiff, Wales, and Volterra, Italy. I'm not a crow, however, and I'm traveling by motorcycle—a vehicle that abhors direct routes. Getting there and
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