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Here are some pictures from my trip to Sturgis with my husband. They have been keeping me going as we approach fall and the close of riding season...

The trip up was a little bit eerie to someone who comes from a place where you can't gaze in any given direction without seeing a building. The windmills against the backdrop of so much empty space looked kind of alien.

We kept passing all of the crazy signs from Wall Drug. Sadly we did not visit but they were fun to look at. Also, a dinosaur.

This is me on Day 1 of our stay - we went to Mount Rushmore. Clearly I am windblown.

This is the view looking across the mountains from the Rushmore parking lot. I know for people who live around there it must be easy to forget but to me, the views are all breathtaking and gorgeous!

This is the entry plaza leading up to Mount Rushmore.

After entering, this is what you see - a walkway leading up to the sculptures themselves.

My one focused shot of the most photographed and replicated structure on Earth.

If you look at all of the pillars in the plaza before the structure, each one is labeled with a state and has a flag flying above it, giving all of the above information.

The same day, we went to Crazy Horse. Talk about inspiring. My favorite quote from the sculptor: "When the legends die, the dreams end. And when the dreams end, there is no more greatness." -Korczak Ziolkowski
Here is what Crazy Horse is supposed to look like when it is completed. This was very inspiring.

On Day 2: Sturgis itself! The vendors were all closing down and there was not a glut of bikes as I imagine there usually is, but it was cool to walk around, pick up some bargains post-rally, and window shop.

A cool mural.

Not a good shot but as you can see, Sturgis clearly thinks it is the Hollywood of motorcycles.
This is where we had a nummy burger for lunch.

And saw some spiffy memorabilia. Our third and final day... Custer National Park.

Can you see the buffalo? Yeah I thought it was small too. Then it stood up and we rode away as fast as we could. I was afraid it would take the sound of our pipes as a sign of aggression... fortunately it just rolled around in the dirt a bit and went back to sleep.

And then I got stuck in a crevice.
Which would you rather ride? Bike? Wild burrow? They were a riot, they will eat anything. I really hope the Cheetos we gave them did not cause any bad side effects...

Yes, the buffalo really were that close to the road and yes, that really did make me very nervous.

Um... buffalo crossing. Just FYI... I don't endorse getting this close to buffalo. Everyone we spoke to really liked telling us horror stories about how a friend of a friend got gored by one. So Yeah. Be careful.
Of everything we did, though, I think Custer National Park was my favorite, with Crazy Horse being a close second. All-in-all, a good trip!
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