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I enjoy interesting and/or imaginative conversation. I like to ‘keep it real’. Finding intelligent people with depth is rare.

I am a complex, (not difficult), intelligent, authentic woman. I wouldn't mind finding a life partner, but I've been unsuccessful so, I look for real connection and friendship with people.

I was once asked if I like tall or short men. My response was, “I like awesome men.”

I believe in soul mates – but haven’t found mine. I’m not sure I ever will – but I have a full/happy life that I love living. If I ever find a soul mate or mates, great. If not, (shrug).

I place high value on friendships and connections. I am not 'against' romance - but I prefer to form connections and allow them to expand organically without expectation or ‘pushing’ things. I am a free spirit, but I am also not a ‘hook up' sort of gal. “Benefits” without any form of friendship or connection isn’t my style.

I don't discriminate in my friendships based upon a person’s gender, marital status (I do respect boundaries) or even sexual orientation - (I am straight) - but I'm not interested in '1% clubs', 81, etc.

Life should be fun. I view it like this: Imagine I am frolicking in the ocean, playing in the waves and each time one crashes over me, I get a rush of exhilaration and laugh like a delighted child. (I'm passionate - about life and love).

I am playful. I laugh a lot. I enjoy being silly, yet I'm also responsible and grounded. Internally, I sometimes "channel" a 10 year old - eyes sparkling mischievously - or a 6'6" football linebacker. This is all the more funny since I stand a mere 5 foot tall.
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San Diego, United States
New Port Richey, United States
Cumberland, United States
Dayton, United States
New castle, United States
Bellefontaine, United States
Bergen County, United States
Mentor, United States
Blaine , United States
williamsport, United States
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The Iron Butt Club The Iron Butt Club consists of riders who have ridden more than 1000 miles in one day. Those of us that have, please take a little time and tell us about your journey. And post plenty of pics!
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United States
02.08.2018 From CycleMadness
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Yellow Wolf on US129 The Tail of The Dragon or Yellow Wolf Gone in 60 seconds.wmv - YouTube

Clear mild day on March 10, 2012 on "The Tail of the Dragon". I stay with Yellow Wolf as best I can.... for about 60 seconds. No center line or lane change v...

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Happy Birthday!!!
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