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I ride local, regional and long distance. Cruise for the sun and wind in the face.
Single, hard worker. I look to ride on weekends. Enjoy good music and love to dance. Served my country for 30 years in the Marine Corps. Im divorced, 3 kids all adults one at home with other two dropping in sometimes. Two Harleys too many dreams...... Need someone to go the distance with.
Changes in life, new freedom and desire to ride. Looking for the right woman to ride with me and make new adventures and new memories. Looking for a partner for rides and more. Let’s ride and see where the road takes us. Experienced and safe, prefer out of the way places.
Found that there is a better life after you gone through a lost. Take what was positive and grow from it, take what was negative and learn from it. I'm moving on, looking for that special someone to make the remaining years the most fun and memorable. No interest in someone who pretends, be who you are, I am.
Looking for "The One".
Heels are a necessity, not because I’m tall but cause they make a woman look sexy. Prefer woman who are self-confident and a little bit crazy...
A woman who is independent and self-assured. Good looking (dah!), great sense of humor, enjoys ridin & dancing, is a good kisser and likes PDA. Enjoys the simple things in life and makes whatever we're doing perfect and willing to take a chance on a old dog with a new approach on life.
A woman who doesn't play games or think she has to test the relationship. We all have our likes and dislikes, secrets and desires trust one another and don't worry about what if I get hurt.
Looking for the woman who makes my heart race, my head spin and my thoughts of only her. Full time friend, companion and lover!
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Do no harm, but take no shit
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