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Cyclemadness was built for people like you and your friends to hang at no cost to you at all. Hope you enjoy it!

1) Add a cover photo - Go to your profile page and hoover over the upper right corner of the cover photo (large photo top of profile page) and click edit then upload your photo from your computer. After you've done that, left click on photo (and hold) to move it where you please then double click to finish.

2) To change the overall look of your profile go to the actions box on right and click customize. (Background and such) There is a help page on how to customize your profile page. Go to the main menu, the go down to help then look for Customize Profile.

3) To edit your profile info that others see (description and more) simply go to your account and click Edit Profile in the Quick Links box.

4) Add or change your Avatar or Profile Picture. Go to your account then from the quick links box click Avatar. If you have already uploaded pictures choose one by clicking on it then on the next page in the actions box click set as avatar.

If you need help getting around the site or simply have a question feel free to do so, we offer a couple ways to do that.

  1) Leave a message to this profile, click the "contact" button in the actions box and we will get back to you ASAP.

  2) *(if available) you can click on the *pvt chat or **Ding Dong feature in this profile.  They're also located in the Actions box on the right side of this profile page. *Note... If the member isn't online chat will not be available.

   The private chat option is just that, private chat between two members. (You may have up to 4 open at the same time).

  Ding Dong... Lets you leave a short message to any member and sounds a bell on the recipients computer.

CycleMadness is mobile friendly. Except live video chat.

  We hope you enjoy your stay. Bring your friends and stay a while!
CycleMadness, (John)
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Relationship Status:Single
Birthday:April 6
Current City:Silver Springs, FL, United States


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