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My old bike. 2011 street Glide
2011 Street Glide
2016 Tri Glide
My old Trike, 2016 Tri Glide
My 2004 Blazer Xtreem
2004 Blazer Xtreem
2019 Tri Glide
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Hello, My name is John. I created and maintain CycleMadness so people can meet and mingle without all the drama you might see in other sites. Myself and others do closely monitor this site so rest assured that there will be very little drama in here.
Drama queens beware... I do have a boot yer ass button and will use it if necessary.

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  We hope you enjoy your stay. Bring your friends and stay a while!
CycleMadness, (John)
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United States
​Mechanic, Metal Fabrication, Electrician.
Romantic walks under the moon lite skies, Naw.. Kidding!
Riding my TriGlide, Computers, Wood Workin, Fixin $hit, Doing things for others
Computers, Motorcycles, Woodworking and Sprint Cup Racing.
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Clasic Rock
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Action, Adventure
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Elkhart, United States
Milwaukie, United States
Auburn, United States
Kansas city, United States
GREAT BEND, United States
league city, United States
UNIVERSAL CTY, United States
Weatherford , United States
N Myrtle Beach, United States
PORTER, United States
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Happy New Years!
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The 13th Annual Middletown Motorcycle Mania is presented by Hunter's Ambulance and Hunter Limousine. It is driven by Haymond Law Office. The event is in Memory of Dan Hunter, a Founding Sponsor of Middletown Motorcycle Mania. Proceeds from the event benefit Middletown Youth Programs. There is a $10 …
15.08.2018 04:00
Middletown, CT, Middletown, United States
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If you work on you ride, or others, want to learn or teach, pick up some tips, or leave some tips. Or custom build, this is about repair and building. " no for sale stuff here"
7 fans
Dry Ridge, United States
15.09.2018 From Rankori
This group is designed to share your ink.  Show us what you have, what you are going to get, or just a really cool design that you have seen.  We love to see those tattoos!!
14 fans
United States
19.08.2018 From Jules1961
My Events
Biketoberfest     October 18-21, 2018 This annual Daytona Beach motorcycle rally draws more than 100,000 visitors. Bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts and curious travel seekers will enjoy beautiful fall weather, live music and watching the pros compete in Daytona International Speedway's motorcycle rac…
18.10.2018 04:00
Daytona Beach, FL., Daytona Beach, United States
20.10.2018 21:00
348 W Dearborn Street, Pioneer Park, Englewood FL., United States
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